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A Green Model Home

We get a photo tour of the ABC Green Home at the Great Park.

Backyard: The solar panels on the back of the house improve the look from the street but provide all the power the house needs. The landscaping includes a drip irrigation system, and rain water drains through the pavers, eventually being re-used in a filtration system to water the garden. The garage is connected to the house, but has a separate door, keeping car exhaust fumes – typically the most toxic in a house – out of the living space.

In the shadow of the big orange balloon at the Great Park sits a new house and a grand proposition. A far sight fancier than any home built in the days of the old El Toro Air Base, the house represents the best, brightest and greenest ideas of the next generation of home building.

Built in a partnership between the park, Southern California Edison and Green Home Builder Magazine, the ABC (which stands for affordable, buildable and certified) Green Home is hardly a tent, teepee or yurt. It’s a very modern kind of home designed as much for cost-conscious developers as it is for the average home buyer, especially when they find out the yearly electric bills amount to zero.

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