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The Remover Behind the Makeup

There are some things that just have more inherent sex appeal than others. Being a film actor sounds more exciting than accounting (except during tax season). Test driving a Corvette is significantly more enticing than driving a Volvo (nothing against Swedish engineering). Extend that into the beauty world, and talking about the latest hot eye shadows and mascaras seems much more fun than discussing the merits of a quality makeup remover.

And though an effective makeup remover doesn't sound like the world's sexiest topic, it's what I'm going to talk about. After all, The Rolling Stones were right, you really can't always get what you want, but with Alba Botanica's Natural Even Advanced Sea Elements Eye Makeup Remover, you'll at least get what you need.

It seems that with the myriad of beauty products in the market, there would be a sufficient number of makeup removers to cleanse visages the world over. But that is not the case, and many of the removers out there are no match for the level of resistance put on by makeup refusing to quit. After all, the goal of a lot of makeup these days is to stay on.

Which brings me back to Alba Botanica's remover, which promises to gently dissolve even waterproof eye makeup. It is oil free, hypoallergenic and free of animal testing, artificial colors and parabens. And the best part is that it actually works.

When it comes to eye makeup, I would classify myself as more on the adventurous side. Needless to say, it's during my less fortunate endeavors that a good eye makeup remover really comes in handy. And Alba Botanica came through every time. What I liked most is that even when I might have been a little sloppy and got some in my eye, there was no stinging. The makeup came right off to leave a soft, moisturized feel to the area around my eyes.

My advice to you: If you wear eye makeup of any kind, check out Alba Botanica's Even Advanced Eye Makeup Remover. It may up your sex appeal.

Available for $7.95 at Whole Foods Market, Target and albabotanica.com

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