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Ultra modern accents for your home

Advanced pieces of high style

The Axle Acrylic Des

Implied in celebrating life’s anniversaries is excitement for what lies ahead. And speaking of the future, all it takes is one special, well-chosen item to update a home, creating a leading-edge space of modern luxury.

• • •

The Axle Acrylic Desk from Alexandra Von Furstenberg brings sleek transparency to a view often unnecessarily obstructed. This modern desk at $15,000 also makes for the perfect vanity table and is available in the color smoke for any male counterparts who appreciate minimal flair.  :: alexandravonfurstenberg.com

Augarten has been producing high-quality porcelain for over 300 years. With the Cat Box Angela, the Viennese company is bringing its centuries-old and delicate tradition to a modern look with a characteristic cubic design purring with color and delight. Pricing available upon request. :: augarten.at

Take a sip of tomorrow’s art deco in the Series B Crystal Service Champagne Glass from Josef Hoffman. This gorgeous glassware is sold individually at $295 and features frosted crystal adorned with a sophisticated pattern of hand-painted black lines.  :: store.moma.org

The contrasting forms and materials of the Antique Mirror Gold Wall Crate by Garth Roberts combine practicality with unassuming luxury. What would usually be considered an overlooked place for storage is now easily an eye-catching focal point of any room. $900
:: thefutureperfect.com

The Dyson 360 Eye is controllable by smartphone or tablet, now making the pressure from your finger the most physically exerting part of cleaning your house. At $999, it features tank tracks engineered for all floor types and a digital motor that generates twice the suction of any other robot vacuum. :: dyson.com

The Maxhedron from Bec Brittain never stops dazzling. Its inner constellation of bulbs projects bands of light onto nearby surfaces, and even when off reflects and blends with its environment. Starting at $15,000, this beautiful fixture made of glass with two-way mirrors illuminates perfectly. :: thefutureperfect.com

Whether used for its functionality or simply its aesthetics, the Globo Console from Jonathan Adler ($1,995) commands a presence of its own. And the ice blue Lucite cabochons front two drawers with glamour. Available at Jonathan Adler, Fashion Island.  :: jonathanadler.com

At over 5 feet tall, the Nonette Floor Lamp from Roche Bobois ($1,695) has a chic silhouette that creates wonder from its understated allure. Like moths to light, your family and loved ones will gravitate to its glow. Available at Roche Bobois, South Coast Collection (SOCO).  
:: roche-bobois.com

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