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Where's the Beef?

Snake River Farms Kobe Beef Carpacio at Sapphire Laguna

Sometimes a dish’s ingredients just click together seamlessly like the insides of a clock; So it is with Chef Azmin Ghahreman’s Kobe Beef Carpaccio at Sapphire Laguna. Nothing is missing; everything fits.
    Ghahreman starts with perfectly marbled Snake River beef, which he slices paper-thin. He drapes it on the plate creating a layered red sheet topped with a green Vietnamese “salad” – basil, cilantro, mint, shallots, Thai chilies, fried garlic, limes, and crushed peanuts. It’s dressed with Nước Chấm sauce, made in house.
The taste is reminiscent of pho tai without the broth. With flavor notes similar to a báhn mi without the bread. It’s fresh and impossibly light – both on the palate and in your stomach. The citrus, sugar and fish sauce in the Nước Chấm add nuance to the beef; Thai chilies introduce heat that is quickly cooled by basil, mint, and cilantro. The fried garlic and crushed peanuts offer a medley of textures. The plethora of ingredients leaves nothing left to add.  
    That’s the point: it all belongs on the plate. Until, it arrives at your table, when it all disappears far too quickly.  :: sapphirellc.com
Nước Chấm (Vietnamese Dipping Sauce)

2 Thai chilies (sliced thin)
¾ cup lime juice
½ cup sugar
2 cups water
10 tablespoons fish sauce
4 cloves garlic, minced

Combine ingredients. Stir vigorously and refrigerate until use.

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