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Power to the Pedal

Enter the cycling lifestyle.

Pedego's Interceptor Bike

If you thought a bike was just a device used to get from A to B, think again – the bicycle has become a personal statement of athleticism, lifestyle and fashion. That’s why choosing a bike these days practically requires a degree in cycleology. But never fear – we’ve got the lowdown on three OC-based companies that make bikes for everyone from the seasoned racer to the Sunday boardwalk cruiser.

Need for Speed
Felt’s Café3 Bike
Felt may have the names of famous professional athletes attached to its brand, but the company isn’t solely about designing bikes for winning world championships (though they’ve done plenty of that). The Irvine-based business has recently expanded to include a lifestyle series of bikes for city riding, which, with their vintage appeal and top-notch engineering, are sure to satisfy even the most demanding recreational rider. And, as always, more serious racers in road, track and off-road cycling can take comfort in Felt’s respected performance and design.
::  feltbicycles.com

Lightweight aluminum construction with hydro-formed tubes
Corrosion-resistant aluminum handlebars
Standard safety bell and cup holder

Beach Bound
Nirve’s Forty-Nine Beach Cruiser
Bikes are used for transportation, racing and tricks, but at Huntington Beach-based Nirve, they’re about one thing: fun. Nirve’s iconic beach cruisers are colorful, comfortable and sturdy, meaning they’re handcrafted with each customer in mind, right down to choosing the look you want based on the company’s collaboration with artists and brands such as Paul Frank, Hello Kitty, West Coast Choppers, and John Deere. The boardwalk calls.
714.892.5795  ::  nirve.com

Faux wood grips are actually soft foam for extra riding comfort
Three-speed internal gearing
Proper ergonomic design means you can cruise all day long

Electric Slide
Pedego’s Interceptor Bike
While we don’t recommend dancing while you’re on your Pedego electric bike, there are a lot of things you can do while not pedaling – like take in the scenery, save your energy and breeze by those schlumps slogging it up steep hills (at up to 20 mph no less!). You’ll arrive at your destination as pristine as the moment you left, while at the same time looking cool and effortless, saving the planet (Pedego bikes are all zero emissions) and not bothering anyone with a loud engine. And if you’re feeling extra peppy, you can always choose to use the pedals in the traditional manner.
949.336.8333  ::  pedegoelectricbikes.com

Lightweight, removable lithium battery pack can go up to 30 miles on one charge, depending on the model
Customize your bike on Pedego’s website
Pedals are placed slightly more forward than normal to make the ride extra comfortable

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