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Beach Bod

The Bikinitini from Lighthouse Bayview Café

While the rest of the country battles freezing temperatures, in Orange County, we are blessed with sublimely mild January weather. Let our East Coast brethren hunker down in puffy jackets and snow boots. Southern Californians know we need to be bikini-ready year-round. Fortunately, the bartenders at Lighthouse Bayview Café have us covered: The refreshing Bikinitini cocktail mixes Korean soju with freshly squeezed juices for a fruity spritzer topped with bubbly Champagne. Pair the Bikinitini with a view of Balboa Peninsula’s serene waterfront for a truly Instagram-worthy memory.  

2 oz. soju
2 oz. Bikinitini mix
(equal parts orange juice and peach purée)
1.5 oz. Champagne

Mix together soju and Bikinitini mix.
Top with Champagne. Add ice.
Garnish with a strawberry slice.
Lighthouse Bayview Cafe
1600 W. Balboa Blvd., Newport Beach :: lighthousenb.com

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