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Taking the Plunge

The Cali Coastal Plunge is a four-day adventure inviting guests to bike, kayak and paddleboard from Huntington Beach to Dana Point.

Kayak and paddleboard from Huntington Beach to Dana Point with La Vida Laguna.

For Orange County residents, September and early October seem to belong more to the realm of summer than fall. With crowds dwindling and weather hitting its sweet spot, there’s no better time for locals to plan an adventure along the coast. It’s the perfect season to recharge your batteries by going outdoors, and – from a conservational standpoint – to remind yourself what we’re all fighting to protect in the first place.

In October, Billy Fried, founder of La Vida Laguna, has planned two excursions to share the Orange County coastline with locals and tourists alike. Fried is a passionate environmentalist, and the Cali Coastal Plunge will hold true with his green ethos. The four-day adventure relies on human power – guests will bike, kayak and paddleboard south from Huntington Beach to Dana Point. Along the way, they’ll eat gourmet meals prepared beachside, get rehydrated with cold-pressed juice, and have the chance to surf, practice yoga or splurge on a massage. “We’re excited that so many people from Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego counties are signing up,” Fried says. “Locals are the true stewards of this coastline day in and day out. We want them to know its beauty.”

Fried sees the trip as a chance for couples, groups and singles to experience the Pacific’s stunning scenery in a way that isn’t possible just by driving PCH. “We’re going to visit places like Emerald Bay and Three Arch Bay that aren’t easily accessible by car but are incredibly dramatic to approach by kayak,” Fried explains. “In doing so, our guides will share what it is that we love so much about this area.”

Fried started La Vida Laguna in 2002, and his own time on the water propels his love for the environment. “This project has always been about sharing that moment of pure joy when the light falls just perfectly and you feel overcome by the power of nature’s beauty.”

If you can’t make the Cali Coastal Plunge, don’t be dissuaded from taking Fried’s advice and hitting the water. Schedule that long-awaited paddleboard lesson, pick up trash while hiking along the bluffs or plan a picnic on the beach. Those looking for an educational experience might try one of Crystal Cove Alliance’s Citizen Science Projects. The point is simple: In order to keep the fires of stewardship burning, it’s important that we take time to stoke the flames with… well… a little stoke. And considering the weather and lack of crowds, there’s never been a better time than right now.

Plan On It
Cali Costal Plunge  ::  La Vida Laguna’s Cali Coastal Plunge takes place October 16-20, or October 30 through November 3; $1,995 per person double occupancy; $2,450 per person single occupancy.
:: lavidalaguna.com
Paddle board  ::  S.U.P. Rentals with Costa Azul – $90 for singles or $50 per person for groups of four or more.
:: costaazul.net
Citizen Science Projects  ::  At Crystal Cove State Park – check-in at Crystal Cove State Park Visitor Center.
:: crystalcovebeachcottages.com

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