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New makeup concept, Butterfli Me, opens studio in Irvine

Jamie Lobel
A Butterfli Me makeup artist applies make up on a client on the studio's opening day, May 21.

In a world where technology has managed to make it almost impossible to slow down, what’s the solution for a modern day, multitasking mother or career woman, who wants to look, her best? Butterfli Me makeup studio opened in Irvine last week, aiming to give the busy, social butterflies of Orange County a place to land for the ultimate cosmetic experience.

Delphine Berryhill, president of Butterfli Me, has had passion for helping people feel confident in their beauty from a young age when she applied make up at department store counters. With the bar-style service phenomenon, like Drybar salon, helping people when there seems to be no time, Berryhill saw an opportunity. Metamorphosing no longer has to be a stressful, drudging or time consuming process, she said.

Berryhill’s vision has come to life with the opening of Butterfli Me. The studio is colorfully covered with shelves displaying the Butterfli Me’s custom, high quality and hypoallergenic line, named Delphine.

“Having our own products sets us apart from other makeup studios in the area,” said Berryhill. “Clients can also bring in their own makeup if they’d like and we can apply that too. There's no pressure or requirement to buy anything.” 

A complete look application takes around 15 minutes and costs $40. A full look includes concealer, foundation, blush powders, brow definers, eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick, lip pencil and lip gloss.

The studio has also tapped into technology with iPads showcasing 24 looks for clients to shuffle through and choose, and a Butterfli Me app, available for download, which allows for tracking favorite looks, artists, and products.

Berryhill, Laguna Beach local with extensive experience working with department store brands, created the looks with sister Dusty Starks, Butterfli’s director of beauty. The looks are categorized by eye color and with different levels of intensity. These are named after international locations, such as Bali and Hong Kong --those named after beach cities offer a more natural look while metropolitan cities offer a more dramatic look.

Men don’t need to feel left out because there are also men’s grooming services available offering moisterizing, a lip conditioner, hand conditioning massage, and brow and ear trimming for $20.

There is a mobile service option making Butterfli Me more convenient. This is the option for special occasions and for those who simply cannot make it into the studio.

Spread your wings, and check out the cause of the latest beauty buzz.

For more information, visit butterfli.me.

2646 Dupont Drive, Suite 65, Irvine, CA 92612.


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