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Options for Modern Readers


Always have a book at your fingertips with one of these eBook services:

Scribd is an online eBook service that provides the modern reader with a large library of books to choose from – over 300,000 – for only $8.99 a month. Consider Scribd as both your personal library and your personal librarian. You are able to cultivate your own personal library, creating your own shelf of personal favorites or books you would like to read in the near future. And, based on your reading selection, Scribd will make recommendations for you. Scribd is compatible with most devices, such as Androids, iPhones and tablets. Its digital library is truly impressive, working with over 900 publishers and including a myriad of texts, including numerous works found in The New York Times bestsellers list. And, Scribd is signed to one of the "big five" publishing companies, HarperCollins.

An impressive feature that Scribd offers is the ability for writers to publish their written works to its 80 million readers. Works can include simple court filings or academic papers to pieces of fiction. Plus, Scribd offers prospective users a free first-month trial, so take advantage of all the free text.

Oyster is an eBook subscription service that provides the reader with a myriad of book choices all available directly to stream on your iPhone or eBook reader. With a library ranging from over 200,000 books, Oyster provides monthly service for only $9.95 with no contract and the ability to cancel whenever you would like. Oyster has recently signed on two venerable publishing companies, Globe Pequot Press and Perseus Books Group: the former holds popular titles such as the National Book Award Finalist The Boy Kings of Texas by Domingo Martinez, and the latter includes titles such as Kurt Vonnegut’s last work, We Are What We Pretend To Be. Like Scribd, Oyster is also signed with HarperCollins. Similarly, Oyster lets you try out the first month for free, although with great deals and a myriad of selections, you will surely stay.

Entitle is a third option for eBook lovers, offering two books a month for $9.99, three for $14.99 or four for $19.99. It is signed with two of the big five venerable publishing companies, Simon & Schuster, for which they provide the company’s entire catalog, and HarperCollins. Entitle offers over 100,000 accessible works directly to your device.

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