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Travel Notes

Cult-favorite Croissants
Warm croissants emerge from the ovens of Tustin’s new Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. On this cloudy morning, the pastry chefs are preparing for the shop’s grand opening on March 4. Scents of browned butter and sugar dance in the air, luring you closer to the bakery’s glass case. There stand rows of freshly baked croissants and puffy donuts stuffed with custard. Yet those scrumptious bites are not the reasons why patrons will soon be lining up down the block.
It’s about the cruffins. The San Francisco-based bakery is known for them. These muffin-shaped croissants are social media darlings that helped Mr. Holmes grow its massive Instagram following. The photogenic pastries come in a wide range of flavors – from the kid-friendly strawberry milkshake and German chocolate to the more exotic cherry Matcha and mango-tamarind. The cruffin’s crunchy exterior gives way to a fluffy center stuffed with rich chocolate mousse. We’ll gladly order a dozen.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse at The District of Tustin Legacy, 2497 Park Avenue, Tustin  
:: mrholmesbakehouse.com

Heavy Metal
Cannery Village’s G Galerie presents Newport Beach artist
Karlin Meehan’s latest collection. The artist will unveil her Metallic Series on March 4 from 6-9 p.m.

Meehan, who is best known for her large florals and abstracts using acrylic paint, embarked on a new style. The Metallic Series showcases a limited color palette with layers of overlapping paint. The collection illustrates Meehan’s growth from painting to painting and creates an evolutionary timeline of her work.
G Gallerie, 504 30th St., Newport Beach, 949.981.6432

Travel Notes
Nicole Mathers is no stranger to jet-setting travel. The former Goldman Sachs trader and mother of two left her high-powered career in financial services to launch her passion project the House of Sillage haute parfumerie. Mathers’ exquisite scents and objet d’art bottles are encrusted in Swarovski crystals, diamonds and emeralds. The elegant vessels are far too delicate to lug on an airplane. So Mathers launched a collection of travel-size atomizers fit for your carry-on. Though the new cases are small, they are no less luxurious. Privée No. 3, inspired by the Château de Versailles’ opulent black and white tiles, features hand-painted enamel and 5.89 karats of sparkling white diamonds.
:: houseofsillage.com

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