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Finding Rover

For dog owners everywhere, the thought of losing your beloved pal is almost too much to even think about. But what if there was a community created solely to ensure that never happens.

Thanks to the newest app, Finding Rover, dog lovers across the country can keep track of their furry friends, while also helping others keep their pets safe as well. Finding Rover is a new app for your iPhone - soon available for Android phones - that can help bring lost dogs home to their families.

With a 98% success rate, Finding Rover uses facial recognition technology to locate your missing dog and help those who find lost dogs notify their owners. If you have a dog, simply take a picture of its face and using three points, one on each eye and one on its nose, the facial recognition technology is able to place your dog into the Finding Rover database.

If your furry friend ever goes missing, just change the status to “lost” and the app will search through the database to see if any matches have been posted. For those who are finding the lost dogs, the process is the same: Just snap a photo of the lost dog’s face, use the three points for facial recognition and instantly the dog can be identified and located on a map for the owners to see. The app even comes with a barking noise when taking a picture of the lost pups so they will be sure to look up at the camera.

For more information, check out findingrover.com.

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