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Frank C. Stone, DDS

Dr. Frank Stone and staff

Frank C. Stone, DDS
18124 Culver Dr., Ste B
Irvine, CA 92612

The dental practice of Dr. Frank C. Stone has been around for a long time – 43 years, to be exact. When he moved his office to Irvine in 1991, after practicing in Arcadia for 23 years, many of his patients chose to make the longer drive just to keep him as their dentist. He’s one of the few doctors who can say he has patients who’ve been with him for more than 40 years. Yet he will tell you frankly that he’s not the dentist he used to be.
He’s better.

“I’m not the same dentist I was even two years ago, and two years from now, I won’t be the same dentist I am today,” he says. “Advances in dentistry are so profound that a crucial part of my job is to constantly educate myself for the benefit of my dental friends, which is how I see my patients. We build relationships the same way any other friends do.”
And indeed, while the success of his philosophy is fully substantiated by a long and distinguished line of awards, honors, and such recognitions as being chosen by peer specialists as one of Top Doc LA’s top doctors for 2011, he considers himself in the self-esteem business.

A major part of his work is as an artist who designs and creates attractive, healthy, functional smiles that affect people in ways far beyond their expectations. In letter after grateful letter, patients tell how after Dr. Stone took their shabby, misaligned teeth and remade them to look appealing, their lives changed. They smiled more; bosses, customers, friends and family responded with surprising warmth. They became more confident and inspired confidence in others. Their personal lives improved, and so did their professional lives.

Their physical health improved, too. Dr. Stone is an enthusiastic specialist in a time-tested and revolutionary area of dentistry. He calls it the “non-surgical bio-esthetic facelift,” though its formal name is “Bio-esthetic Dentistry,” and he has earned certification in that specialty. It works by restoring the natural height of the teeth, which wear down as we age and make our faces shorter and our lips pouch-like and wrinkled. When the teeth are rebuilt to their original height, it brings back the height of the face for a younger look, restores circulation, and improves lymphatic drainage in the head and face for better blood flow and health.

Another of Dr. Stone’s favorite advances in dentistry is non-surgical periodontal laser therapy. Good gum health is crucial to successful esthetic dentistry, which differs from cosmetic dentistry in that its goal is to restore full health and function to the mouth.
“Periodontal laser therapy avoids surgery, so it eliminates the chance of infection. The laser also stimulates collagen production in the gum, which contributes to the good health of the gum’s soft tissue,” he explains. “It’s a vital part of the art of creating attractive, healthy smiles.”

Interestingly, Dr. Stone is an artist in more ways than one. In the mid 1990s, he began carving small precious gems with dental instruments as a way to relax. Today, he’s an award-winning sculptor known for his unusual, vibrant art pieces made with precious gems and metals.

“What the art has done for me is to free me up from the minute detail I demand of myself when I create a smile sculpture,” he says. “Working with gems provides an artistic outlet that lets me come back refreshed and focused for my work as a dentist.”

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