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Artistic Vision

‘Silver Rain' by Sukhdev Dail, 20-inch bronze

The Artist:
Sculptor and painter Sukhdev Dail was born to an ayurvedic doctor and a homemaker in a village in Punjab, India. He graduated from Delhi College of Art in 1962 and began traveling along the ancient Grand Trunk Road, painting along the way. Eventually he found himself in Brussels, where he was admitted to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Then it was on to Canada, where he earned a living as an animator. One day Hanna-Barbera came calling, and the next thing Dail knew he was in Hollywood working on “The Flintstones.” Today his work is shown at Forest & Ocean Gallery and Virga Gallery, both in Laguna Beach, as well as galleries in Northern California, England and Croatia. The next time you visit Main Beach, look for Dail’s bronze sculpture Sea Breeze: a lithe woman, her hair undulating into stained glass waves.
It is there on the sand that he walks barefoot every morning, meditating for an hour before beginning his day.

The Artist’s inspiration:
I like to explore the human figure in a more contemporary manner. In this instance there are three women taking their tea or coffee break in the clouds, above the silver rain, where I like to show the connection between humans and nature or the environment. Yes, I am searching, and this is growth, which will continue as long as I live, for I don’t want to stop growing and searching. I have made a full circle from realistic, impressionistic and abstract art to my present style, where I try to connect human form to its spirit.

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