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Healthy Holidays

WEB-EXCLUSIVE: We've rounded up some quick tips on keeping trim and happy during the holidays.

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If you’re like me, the holidays are a time to forget about your diet and just enjoy the splurge. But this year, consider the possibility of getting the best of both worlds: food and health.

With the help of Robyn Moss, registered dietician at OC Nutrition, we can make wiser food choices without feeling completely left ouf of the celebration.

“There is no reason to feel deprived during the holidays or anytime for that matter," says Moss. "Being mindful of the food choices you make will help you keep your health and weight in check.”

Here are some tips for keeping healthy during the holidays:

At Restaurants
Keep an eye on portion size and food preparation.
Eat half the portion and take the other half home.
Eat smaller quantities of foods high in fat and added sugar.
Select baked, braised, broiled, grilled, poached, stewed, or stir-fried items.
Request no oil be added when your food is cooked.
Always trim away any visible fat.

At Parties
Eat a snack before heading out so you’re not starving when you arrive.
Choose wisely at buffet tables, including choosing lower fat foods whenever possible.
Select white meat turkey or chicken without skin instead of steak and fresh fruit-based sauces over gravy.
Always choose baked potato and steamed vegetables or salad (easy on the salad dressing) instead of French fries or stuffing.

“Remember if you must drink, drink Champagne, wine or light beer rather than fruity, blended drinks," says Moss. "You should try and drink in moderation because alcohol contains empty calories and it reduces your ability to make good decisions.”

At Home
Sauté with cooking spray and broth.
Use two egg whites in place of one whole egg.
Don’t add oil to water when cooking rice or pasta.
Use plain, nonfat yogurt instead of sour cream.
Use evaporated skim milk instead of cream for whipped cream.
Choose low-fat cheese products.
Make pie crust with Graham crackers instead of pastry shells.
Choose lean cuts of meat, poultry without the skin and fish, using oil-free marinades to enhance flavors.
Choose Canadian bacon or ham instead of bacon or sausage for breakfast.

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