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Holistic Beauty

Huntington Beach esthetician Carol L. Fouad helps release beauty from within.

MicaBeauty is at Costa Mesa's OC Mix.

Release Your Beauty  
Carol L. Fouad practices integrative beauty
at Oceanview Chiropractic in Huntington Beach.
She’s also an esthetician at The Resort at
Pelican Hill spa in Newport Coast. Visit her
website to learn more.
:: skinologybycarol.com

She wanted one word.

Considering my particular career choice, this should not have posed a problem. But it did. And I wracked my brain, though this was supposed to come from my heart. As I tried to maintain the relaxed state she had placed me into, I could feel panic rising, and so I said: “gratefulness.” And without even knowing why or how, it somehow felt right.

At that moment, I also began to understand what Huntington Beach esthetician and massage therapist Carol L. Fouad means when she says she takes an integrative approach to beauty. It’s based on the idea that the mind and body are tightly connected and that emotional and physical issues can affect the way you look. For beauty clients, Fouad uses integrative techniques like SomatoEmotional Release, in which she poses a question to your body and you answer with a word, as well as other modalities like foot reflexology and craniosacral therapy.

“We don’t diagnose, we don’t really treat,” Fouad says. “We simply provide an opportunity for the body to release restrictions and unwanted ‘debris’ and return to a state of homeostasis. ‘Intention’ is the key factor in enabling the body to shift to a better state of wellness.”

Fouad took some time from her healing treatments to answer some of our questions about holistic beauty.

What is your beauty background?
I began my career in the beauty industry in Denver, Colorado in 1983. Shortly thereafter I realized that my approach to skincare should and would be of a holistic nature, so I began to learn all that I could about the connection between the face and body. My first step was to enroll in a massage therapy program in Denville, New Jersey. There I studied anatomy and physiology, Swedish massage, foot reflexology, and aromatherapy. I continued my studies with various amazing teachers from the U.S. and abroad until I felt I was ready to create my own face and body care center.

Describe your services.
In my practice, I analyze the skin as most estheticians do – looking at skin type and condition. But I also evaluate from a different perspective by incorporating the concept of Chinese facial diagnosis. Based on this method of face reading, which provides a map to the body’s organ systems, I could get to the core of many skin conditions by incorporating foot reflexology, craniosacral therapy or essential integrative therapy to relieve overall body stress which is reflected in the skin. In terms of the actual skin treatments that I provide, they are all customized and therapeutic. Everyone is an individual, so therefore everyone deserves their own unique combination of products and techniques that will provide the results they are seeking. I always choose products that are paraben- and petrolatum-free… I am a big fan of light peels and I customize by layering to give maximum results. Aromatherapy – my long-standing friend – is incorporated into all of my face and body sessions. Exfoliation, hydration and antioxidant protection are the three “musts” in any successful skincare regime.

What is the philosophy behind your holistic beauty treatments?
The skin reflects the inner workings of the body. If someone is out of balance, the skin will reflect this state of being. For example, if the body’s elimination system is under-functioning, the skin could very well develop breakouts since it is an organ of elimination as well. When the system is sluggish, it shows in a matter of time. If one is not exercising or eating correctly, their body could be lacking nutrients including oxygen, thus the skin could begin to appear dull and/or grayish. The skin can become congested if the immune system is not functioning normally. Histamines can be released in the body and build up between skin cells of the deeper layers, thus causing a “bumpy” appearance. If yeast is high in the body, the lower portion of the face can break out in clusters of inflamed pustules. Yeast often affects us in the lower digestive tract. Because there is such a close relationship between the face and the body, it makes perfect sense to have body-balance restored and maintained so the skin can be blemish-free, healthy and vibrant.  

Any anecdotes on success stories?
I often tell the story of [a] young woman who first came to me with an acneic condition. We tried with several facials to bring it under control with no success. I expressed a desire to look a bit further into her condition by working with her feet. At first, I believe she thought I was a bit crazy. I immediately picked up stress in the reflex of her elimination system [colon]. I continued to provide foot reflexology sessions, which ultimately led to an emotional release. She started to share her story of abandonment, something that occurred when she was a child. Her father left the family home and she never had the opportunity to say goodbye or see him again. She remembered that she began to experience chronic constipation during that period in her life, which continued into adulthood and was still a condition that plagued her. After acknowledging the relationship between “letting go” of a hurt and the “letting go” as a function of the colon, her symptoms began to disappear. Since the skin was affected by the apprehensive colon, once it became fully functional, her skin cleared up beautifully. And even through pregnancy – a true test since hormones are fluctuating – her skin remained calm and clear. If we are to fully heal, we must do so in all aspects of our being.

The Beauty of Ayurveda
The ancient Indian tradition of Ayurveda has found a place in the world of modern beauty with Aveda’s Chakra Balancing Body Mists and Veria ID Innerdosha beauty and personal care line. The body mists are fragrant, therapeutic sprays based on the seven chakras – aka energy centers – of the body.

Veria ID Innerdosha is a line based entirely on the principles of Ayurveda; using natural ingredients the line is categorized by Ayurveda’s doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

“Doshas are a way of talking about your essential nature – who you are, inside and out,” says Clair Sidman, Veria director of marketing. “By identifying your dosha, we can help you learn which products are best to balance your beauty concerns. One beauty concern could be dry skin; Ayurveda teaches us that inclusion is needed for balance, so you use the Veria Innerdosha moisturizer that is the most ultra rich and emollient.”
aveda.com  ::  veriaid.com

MicaBeauty Opens at The OC Mix
Mineral makeup retailer MicaBeauty has joined the mix at Costa Mesa’s OC Mix. Offering a line of makeup based completely on minerals, the powders are free of preservatives, chemical dyes, oils, and fillers for gentle coverage. MicaBeauty’s Jewels line focuses on advanced anti-aging with formulas containing organic extracts including gold dust, diamond dust, pearl dust, and gemstone dust.
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