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Just the Right Type

Stacy Shepherd

The main attraction of an iPad is its mobility coupled with capacity - less than two pounds of work efficiency, entertainment and connectivity in one sleek little computer package. But the iPad's compact size can work against its generally efficient nature when it comes to the onscreen keyboard - a little too compact and not exactly conducive to long stretches of typo-free communications.

As a result, several brands began making iPad keyboards to solve the problem. These all differ in price, performance and look, but all offer the comforts of easy writing. Consider one of the below options:

The Targus Versavu Keyboard Case is one for the fashionista. Available in black leather with black trim and white leather with blue trim, the center point on the thick, leather case is one open circle that displays the Apple sign on the back of the iPad. The construction of a circular mount on the case allows the iPad to easily move between landscape and portrait views. $99.99 at Best Buy

The Logitech Tablet Keyboard is a wide, full-sized Bluetooth keyboard that features iPad-specific keys. Plus, Logitech’s sleeve is magnetically hinged to fold back and become a stand for your iPad for both portrait and landscape modes. $69.99 at Staples

For those who are loyal to Apple, the Apple Wireless Keyboard works for your Mac or iPad from up to 30 feet away. Its slim design and responsive keys make for some comfortable writing time. $69 at Apple Store

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