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Irish Blessings

Irish Coffee at Macallans Public House

At first glance, Macallans Public House appears like any other Irish-theme pub. That is, until you step through the large Kelly green door. Kitschy shamrocks and golden cherubs are noticeably absent. In their place lie intricately woven jewel-tone Missoni zig-zag carpets. Booths are swathed in geometric emerald-cut velvet by Gastón y Daniela. The space’s centerpiece – its dark wooden bar – houses more than 200 types of Scotch, whiskey and bourbon.

The owners, Mark and Vinka Ferrell, spent countless hours scouring accessories and fabrics to create Macallans’ rich atmosphere. The look is a comfortable, neighborhood pub elevated by a modern designer’s flare. But adhering to tradition is also key to Macallans’ success. Its Irish coffee hews close to the original recipe: Hot coffee poured over whiskey and topped with freshly whipped cream. As the milky white cream disperses into the dark brown coffee, mocha-hued waves move down the glass mug. The undulating lines echo the patterns on Vinka’s Missoni carpets.

``Macallans Irish Coffee
2 sugar cubes
1.5 oz. Tullamore Dew whiskey
Freshly brewed, strong coffee
Whipped cream

Warm the glass by pouring hot water into each vessel. Discard water.
Add sugar cubes and pour hot coffee to fill approximately 3/4 of the glass.
Stir vigorously to dissolve sugar.
Then add 1.5 oz Tullamore Dew. Stir again.
Pour whipped cream slowly over a spoon to create a layer that floats on top of the drink.

Macallans Public House, 330 W. Birch Street, Brea | 714.529.1224 :: macallanspubbrea.com

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