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Arctic Adventure

WEB-EXCLUSIVE: Laguna Beach author Katie MacGillivray shares her family's passion for the world's oceans with a new generation of readers.

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Katie MacGillivray has traveled with her husband and his filming team all over Canada and Alaska to research and film To the Arctic, the first of the IMAX films in the One World One Ocean multimedia campaign, aimed at protecting the world’s oceans.

MacGillivray, of Laguna Beach, knew she had to do something with all of the ammunition and knowledge she had gained in her travels with husband, Shaun (who produced the film), and his company (which he runs with his father, Greg), MacGillivray Freeman Films, which started the OWOO campaign.  

“It was great for me because in doing the [children's] book, I got to be a part of a lot of things,” she says.  

A graduate of Northwestern University, where she studied communications and English, MacGillivray always knew she loved to write. “This was my first book, and it’s all in rhyme, so that was a really fun aspect for me.”

In her book, The Adventures of Charlie Mac to the Arctic and Back, which was inspired by To the Arctic, young Charles MacDoodle (named after their 19-month-old son, Charlie) goes on an adventure to the northern lands where he comes across some Arctic animals who teach him how they are each affected by the Arctic’s changing climate. Charlie brings photographs and stories home from his journey that he shows to family and friends, hoping to inspire them to help protect the Arctic animals and their magnificent home.

“The plan is that this will become an educational series,” says MacGillivray. “My hope is that I will be able to write a book for every major film that comes out.”  

The next OWOO film will be based in the South Pacific.  

“I am starting to think about my second book, The Adventures of Charlie Mac to the South Pacific and Back, which won’t come out until the film is complete," she says.

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