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Twila True expands upscale nail empire

Nailing It

Kiehl’s customized

We’re used to having everything from our morning smoothies to our margaritas made just the way we want them. Starting next month, you can also have skin care tailored for you is easily every bit as essential to your well-being. Just stop in at the Kiehl’s store in South Coast Plaza, one of only 25 locations across the country – and the only one in Orange County – to offer the new personalized service, Apothecary Preparations.

You’ll meet one on one with a customer rep who will take you through a discussion and diagnosis of your key complexion concerns. Then, while you wait, two targeted complexes addressing issues like redness or large pores will be selected and packaged for you, along with a skin-strengthening concentrate, in a personalized box.

The complexes are too potent to apply directly to your skin, so you’ll mix all three components together at home to activate the ingredients. $95

:: kiehls.com/apothecary-preparations

Lip Service

There’s a new injectable filler in town, and it’s something to smile about. In June, the FDA approved Volbella for plumping lips and correcting those pesky fine lines above the mouth that doctors call perioral rhytids. The vertical wrinkles are also known as “smoker’s lines,” and you don’t have to be a nicotine fiend to develop them.

Until now perioral lines have been very difficult to treat without running the risk of inflating nearby areas. “Getting filler in etched-in lines is always a challenge,” says Laguna Niguel dermatologist Lorrie Klein. “These lines are similar to pleats, and like pleats in fabric, you can’t iron them out very easily.” Volbella is hyaluronic-acid filler like Juvéderm (both manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Allergan) or Restylane, but it’s thinner and smoother. That makes it easier to inject with precision.

Dr. Klein expects Volbella will be available in doctors’ offices starting in October.

:: ocdermatology.com

Nailing it

Having harsh chemicals brushed on your nails hardly sounds like a pampering experience. Yet, that’s just what happens at run-of-the-mill mani-pedi shops, where strong fumes are a clear sign that something not entirely healthy is taking place.

Enter Polished Perfect by Twila True, Orange County’s luxury nail salons. A new location opened mid-August at Irvine’s Los Olivos Marketplace. Here the 40 shades of lacquer are all a “5-free formula.” That means they don’t contain a chemistry set’s worth of toluene, DBP, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and camphor. Polished Perfect’s “beauty with a conscience” practices also include skipping the whirlpool pedicure tubs (so you’re not plunging your footsies into a pool that contains a buildup of other people’s sloughed-off
cells) and giving each client her own buffer and file to prevent cross-contamination.

Between salon visits, you can shop Twila True’s online beauty boutique, which includes the lacquers, as well as body scrubs, soaks and creams.

And, by the way, the actual Twila True is a Newport Beach philanthropist and entrepreneur whose causes include improving conditions both among her own Oglala Sioux Tribe in Pine Ridge, S. D., and in China’s state-run orphanages.

:: twilatruebeauty.com

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