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Good Stuff: An outhouse for your dog

Payton the bulldog enjoys his beachfront bathroom. Patio Pet Life delivers fresh grass in a biodegradable bag to customers' front doors throughout Orange County.

Say your pup’s got to go, but there’s not a blade of grass in sight. C’mon, this is a problem! Enter Patio Pet Life to the rescue. This just-launched grass delivery service for people who don’t have yards for their pets to go on serves all of Orange County. Customers can choose a frequency to get farm-fresh grass delivered to their front door in a biodegradable bag.

The company's owners, a local couple, say it’s a possible solution for beach residents whose homeowner associations have banned dogs from doing their business on the grassy common areas. "We have heard from many people what an issue it is that dogs are doing their business on the walking paths or in people's planters," says co-owner Devon Moore. "The poor pups have nowhere to go!" Now can a dog get a little privacy, please?  


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