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Lincoln in the fast lane

In July, Lincoln Motor Company unveiled its first Experience Center at Fashion Island.

Lincoln Motor Company just sped into Orange County’s fast lane with its newest innovation: a multi-use Lincoln Experience Center at Fashion Island.

The car company scouted the country for the best fit for its inaugural “experiential suite” – a new approach to luxury car buying. It opted for Orange County, the third-largest luxury car-purchasing region in the U.S.

The company has been rolling along in the luxury market for decades, but has turned heads recently with its Matthew McConaughey commercials and sleek, updated designs. This new open-air suite is its latest cutting-edge move: Clients are invited to stroll in and imbibe specialty coffees and juices while playing with the Lincoln’s touch-screen technology. Interested in a car? Skype with local dealerships to find a fit.

Even if you’re not in the market to purchase a Lincoln Black Label or a Navigator, the entertainment lounge of the suite aims to be its own destination, offering monthly events such as sommelier demonstrations or a private gem showcase hosted by luxury jeweler Lugano. A sculptor is set construct a statue in the middle of the lounge. Rose Dancel, the center’s lead curator, explains that the whole idea is to give consumers the feel for the lifestyle associated with the Lincoln brand.

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