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Caliente Cool

Mastro's Skinny Diablo sets the tone for a sizzling night

Skinny Diablo at Mastro's
Ralph Palumbo

Looking to jolt your taste buds with a subtle wave of heat? All you need for a zesty pre-dinner cocktail is a jalapeño and a touch of color from a couple of festive red bell pepper slices. Those ingredients will amp up your Cinco de Mayo cocktail menu. When Mastro’s wine & spirits director Robbi Jo Oliver concocted the Skinny Diablo in 2010, he spiced it up while remaining true to the drink’s base: fresh lime juice and, of course, good tequila. Five years later this spicy rendition of the classic margarita continues to top the list as one of Mastro’s best sellers.
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Skinny Diablo  
Juice of ½ a lime, squeezed
¾ oz. Tres Agaves agave nectar
3½ oz. Don Julio Blanco tequila
Splash triple sec
2 slices of jalapeño
2 slices of red bell pepper

Pour juice, nectar and liquor into a cocktail shaker. Pour into two tall, chilled pilsner glasses with ice. Add jalapeño and bell pepper slices to each glass.

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