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What a LUSH

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics makes its way to Fashion Island.

LUSH's Sex Bomb for bath
LUSH Cosmetics

Get Scented  
Visit LUSH’s new Fashion Island
store or check them out online.
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We hate patchouli – we really do. In fact, we consider it an assault to our nostrils. So you can imagine our surprise to find we actually loved using LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics’s Aromaco Deodorant, containing witch hazel, chamomile vinegar, baking soda, and yes, patchouli. And to our even greater surprise, the natural deodorant – of which we have tested many in search of something that will make us smell nice without killing us in 20 years – actually worked.

It’s a good thing this socially conscious, eco-friendly, pleasant-smelling British bath, body, skin, and hair care brand just opened a store in Fashion Island, or we’d be having to do a lot of online shopping of our new favorite line. Known for their strong stance against animal testing, low packaging policy and many solid – as in not liquid – products to reduce the need for packaging and preservatives, LUSH’s deli-style shops are hard to resist.

When you drop by the new Fashion Island store, make sure to also pick up some solid shampoos, available “naked” (or packaging-free) and a solid perfume or two. You won’t want to stop smelling yourself.

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