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Greer Wylder

Take a walk on the Wylder side

Greer Wylder lounges with her rescue dog Lola at her Costa Mesa home.

You’ve likely seen her somewhere, out and about on the Orange County social scene. Maybe at a fashion show at South Coast Plaza. Or the Golden Foodies awards. Or judging the Farm to Food Truck Challenge.

“Her” is the person who puts the “Greer” in the title of the well-trafficked site Greer’s OC.
Tastemaker Greer Wylder gained a following in the ’90s as the writer for a popular “Best Buys” column for the Daily Pilot, Newport Beach’s feisty community newspaper.

Ten years ago she took a chance and, from her Costa Mesa living room (with four boys underfoot), launched Greer’s OC. Essentially, it’s an online tip sheet for busy people who want to know what’s trending (poke shops), who’s raising money for elephants in Thailand (chef Pascal Olhats), where to get a blowout (Lavender Salon) and how to buy your kombucha (Farm & Culture Co.)

Her loyal readership has followed her online. Today thousands subscribe to her daily email blasts. She posts her favorite discoveries on social media day and night.
Coast wanted to know more about this influencer who stays up to date on all there is to know about Orange County – and also, does she ever sleep?

My Neighborhood: Eastside Costa Mesa.

Why I live there: I’m very close to 17th Street, so I can walk everywhere. Stores. Restaurants. I could even walk to the beach. If I didn’t have a car, I’d be fine.

Dream neighborhood If I could afford it, I would live in San Francisco. Or Chicago. Or New York. I love cities.

First impression of Orange County: I was born in Reno. When I was 7 my mom said, “I bought a house on an island,” and I was beyond excited because I only knew “Gilligan’s Island.” I was like, “This is gonna be so cool, I’m gonna have like coconuts growing in my backyard.” So she drove us here. She had bought a house on Lido Isle. It was just one house after another and I thought, “No, this is not what I have in my head! Not at all!” I wanted to be, I don’t know, sleeping in a hammock or something.

Orange County pet peeves: Our architecture is lacking. And why don’t we have a great OC-centric news/TV show? That’s my dream.

Best celeb encounter:  I loved interviewing Ina Garten (celebrity chef and author of the Barefoot Contessa books). I wish I were related to Ina Garten. I want to be, like, her niece and just hang out on her couch and have her cook for me. I also loved meeting John Varvatos. That was really cool because he dresses all the rock ’n’ roll people and he was just fun and exciting.

Go-to restaurant: I’m in love with the A Restaurant. I wish they were open for lunch. And I love their market next door. And Haute Cakes.

Best way to relax: Running. I’ve run 26 marathons. Some people get addicted to all kinds of things. I got addicted to running. I run probably at least 25 miles a week. It’s just so nice to be alone. I run all by myself.

Favorite hangout: I guess it has more to do with who I am. Home is the best place, really.

People would be surprised to know: I’m a total introvert, and I’m super shy.

Favorite charity: JDRF. My son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 10 years ago. And if your child is ever diagnosed with that, you feel so helpless and hopeless, because there’s not a cure and it’s very scary. I was on the JDRF board for six years. That’s the only thing that keeps me going is knowing that if I’m involved in JDRF, I’m actually helping my son. And other children as well.

Coffee or tea? I live for coffee. I probably have four or five cups a day. Peet’s is my very favorite. But I’m just discovering Common Room Roasters in Newport.

Red or white: I don’t drink alcohol anymore.

Favorite splurge: Manis and pedis. Because I run so much. I’m hard on my feet. And shoes. I love shoes.

Sitcoms or dramas: I love “House of Cards.” I’ll be so sad when it ends. I love Claire’s clothes.

On your nightstand: The New Yorker. Books. My iPhone. A candle from Paris that my niece gave me.

Hours of sleep a night: Not enough. Six or seven.

Hours on social media a day: About four.

Facebook or Instagram? I prefer Instagram because it’s not as catty and it’s not as political and I love all the images.

Best perk of being the Greer in Greer’s OC: Meeting interesting people and finding out about things before most people know about them. It’s never boring.

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