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Big Hitters

A meal at the ballpark might once have meant a hot dog and cracker jack, but no more. Restaurant critic Brad A. Johnson discovers home run fare at Angel Stadium.

Classic Cheeseburger and Fries

The Classic
The cheeseburger at Shock Top Brew Pub satisfies the meat lovers in the stands. The juicy, hand-formed burger, made with top-grade meat, cheddar cheese and a fluffy brioche bun, hits the spot. According to Johnson, “The biggest surprise at Angel Stadium comes early in the night at Shock Top Brew Pub, an indoor/outdoor gastropub formerly known as the Knothole Club … The full-service pub is reserved for Club Level ticket holders until after the first inning, when it opens its doors to everyone else on a first-come, first-served basis … But back to that surprise. The first sign that the burger at Shock Top might be better than average comes when the waitress asks me how I would like it cooked.”
:: Cheeseburger and fries at Shock Top Brew Pub, $17,
available in section 348.

Join the club
The Diamond Club buffet is stocked with charcuterie, beet salads and a colorful array of sliced citrus. Johnson wasn’t thrilled with all the ethnic fare: “An arepa, which is sort of like an ultra-thick tortilla, turns out to be dry and flavorless.” But the naan, with chicken tandoori and cucumber raita, steals the show. “The tandoori chicken naan is superb,” Johnsons says. “Gin martini – dirty, extra cold. Sliced-to-order prosciutto. A nice little steak. A bottle of cabernet. A large table next to the window, overlooking home plate. From here on out, that’s how I want to experience Angel Stadium.”
:: Reservations for The Diamond Club, which are only available for club-level ticket holders and suite owners, can be made on Opentable.com.  

Quick bite
Street tacos are signature OC eats. Surfers and a vibrant Latin population have honed our taste buds over the decades. Chronic Tacos Mexican Grill supplies the fresh Mexican food we crave at the stadium – nachos, tostadas, burritos, and of course, tacos. Although the line might test your patience, it’s worth the wait. Johnson says, “The carnitas tacos are
among the best snacks at the game.”
:: Carnitas tacos at Chronic Tacos, $7.50, available in section 240.

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