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Top Attorney - Orange County - 2015

Michael Guisti
The Law Offices of Michael L. Guisti
2030 Main Street, Suite 1300
Irvine, CA 92614

ESTEEMED CRIMINAL LAWYER Michael Guisti brings more than 15 years of litigation and criminal trial experience to his Orange County clientele. His mission throughout his career has been simpleÑensure that his clientsÕ rights are never ignored in a court of law.

"As a criminal defense lawyer, I am dedicated to the challenge of always maintaining focus and courage," says Guisti. Focus is certainly needed when handling a vast variety of criminal defense matters, including federal crimes, white collar crime, DUI, domestic violence, juvenile crimes, assault and battery, theft, murder, gang crimes, drug crimes, restraining orders, and sex crimes, to name a few.

Attorney Guisti's innate understanding of the legal system, coupled with a stubborn commitment to only achieving the very best results possible on behalf of his clients, has made his law firm a formidable presence in the Southern California court system for close to two decades. Whether he has managed to get client charges reduced or dismissed all together, Mr. Guisti's determination in achieving optimal results for those who stand accused is unwavering. "We offer complete commitment and dedication to a case," says Guisti. "When a client hires me to handle their case, it becomes personal, I don't give up (on that client)."

Regardless of what type of crime his client stands accused of, Attorney Guisti has one thing on his mind throughout the duration of the caseÑjustice. "What I am concerned with is law enforcement, or the system, taking away people's rights."

Whether he takes on a case tomorrow, next month, or even five years from now, one thing can certainly be counted on  - Michael Guisti will aggressively defend his client's best interests until the best result possible (given the circumstances of the case) is achieved. "For me," Guisti said, "the biggest reward is getting results for my clients."

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