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Mule Kick

Summer cocktails have a bad rap for being too sweet or slushy – or kitschy. (We’re talking about you, beer margaritas.) When the Fahrenheit rises what you really want is something refreshing.
John Nye, Driftwood Kitchen’s director of operations, knows how to quench your thirst. Enter the Laguna mule.
Nye says there’s a current fascination with Moscow mules. The drink is among the most popular cocktails being poured, and since the classic Moscow mule is nearly foolproof to mix, almost anyone can make a great-tasting libation.
But the guests at Driftwood Kitchen in Laguna Beach can be discerning, so Nye wanted to offer something more. His Laguna mule has subtle, spicy notes that come from Fever-Tree ginger beer. (Nye prefers the Fever-Tree brand since he thinks it has the boldest ginger flavor.) The OC-inspired cocktail has hints of citrus from the orange-infused vodka, which makes it even easier to drink on a balmy afternoon.

Laguna Mule
• 2 ounces Ketel One Oranje vodka
• 1/2 ounces lime sour
• Fever-Tree ginger beer
• Combine vodka and lime sour in a
   copper mug with ice.
• Fill the rest of the mug with
   Fever-Tree ginger beer.

:: driftwoodkitchen.com

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