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Making a Statement with Eye-Popping Jewelry

These natural wonders sparkle and shine

The Black, Starr & Frost Everyday Luxury Black Pave Rose Ring features 10.22 carats of round black diamonds set in 18-karat black rhodium-plated white gold. $19,130

As fall and winter come to OC, the changes in our natural world are subtle. Most trees keep their leaves, the sun continues to shine and flowers keep blooming. In that setting, it’s a time for celebrations, galas and special occasions – perfect moments for wearing on-trend statement jewelry pieces.

These striking pieces meld fine craftsmanship with earth’s precious elements, as designers look to our natural world for inspiration, with spectacular results. So be it a necklace that takes your breath away, a brooch that draws eyes or a ring whose unique style start a conversation, these are pieces that proclaim themselves as natural wonders of the world.


Photography by Sabin Orr Photography
Styling by Karen Kelso, Sabin Orr and Jenn Tanaka
Plants from Rogers Gardens

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