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WEB-EXCLUSIVE: Orange County-based Nekter Juice Bar wants to make you healthier, one smoothie at a time.

Owners Alexis and Steve Schulze

Nekter Juice Bar
474 E. 17th St., Costa Mesa
2801 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. Ste. C, Corona del Mar
:: nekterjuicebar.com

Eating whole servings of fruits and vegetables daily can be pretty tough. With busy work schedules, appointments and looming deadlines, we often grab pre-packaged meals or junk food to fuel our bodies. Not eating the right kinds of foods can have profound effects on not only our diet, but our energy level, mood and much more.

Fortunately for us, Costa Mesa-based Nekter Juice Bar makes healthy juices and smoothies that are blended with a day’s serving of fruits and vegetables. Containing 100% organic ingredients, Nekter’s drinks are packed with enough servings to curb one’s hunger and provide fuel that tastes as good as it is healthy.

In addition to juices and healthy, raw, gluten-free, vegan snacks, Nekter has gathered a cult following for its effective cleansing system. Nekter’s cleanse essentially flushes out the toxins that have built up in one’s organs, digestive tract and skin. While similar to fasting, the major difference is that cleansing, which can last anywhere from one to six days, allows individuals to drink mixtures that contain essential nutrients to fuel the body and allow for a reset of one’s system without the actual consumption of food.

“We make delicious drinks for people who wouldn’t normally drink fruit and vegetable mixes,” says Alexis Schulze, co-founder of Nekter. “Our cleanses and drinks are cool in that they offer a way for people to achieve new, healthy lifestyles without having to make major changes to their diet.”

Alexis founded Nekter Juice Bar with her husband, Steve, out of the desire to sell fresh juices and smoothies created with organic fruits and vegetables. Priding itself on the use of high quality ingredients, Nekter has gained a huge following since it first opened in October 2010. So huge that the Schulzes are spreading their mission of good health to a new Corona del Mar location that opened on March 1, 2011.

“We’re aiming to grow,” says Alexis. “We want to be the healthier version of the neighborhood coffee shop.”

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