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Coast's Q&A with Newport Beach Cleanse creator Risa Groux

Mom and managing editor Jenn Tanaka

"New Year, new me.” We’ve heard it before. But what does getting healthy in the New Year really mean? This New Year Coast defines it as “seeking balance.” It means finding health, and feeling great.

In a mission to find balance, three staff members of Coast—artistic director Karen Kelso, managing editor Jenn Tanaka and social media writer Samantha Esquivel volunteered to reboot their diets by taking part in The Newport Beach Cleanse: two weeks of no sugar, no processed food, no dairy, no gluten, no soy and no alcohol.


At a glance this cleanse may sound intimidating. Holistic nutritionist and creator of the Newport Beach Cleanse Risa Groux says this cleanse is for anyone. But we wanted to know, what about moms on the go? What about moms who have infants or moms that are breastfeeding?  How can this cleanse benefit their health?  In this Q&A mom of two infants and managing editor Jenn Tanaka asks some questions about how a cleanse can work in a busy moms life. 


 Q. I was worried about having the fiber powder in the shakes since I was nursing. I didn't want the baby's digestion to change. Was this a legitimate thing to worry about? 

 A. Fiber is awesome for everyone!  If you like the fiber, absolutely continue with a quarter scoop.  It might keep the baby satiated a little longer and perhaps sleep longer as a result.


 Q. Caffeine is my saving grace. After the cleanse I noticed that my sugar and caffeine cravings were held at bay. How long will this last? 

 A. It lasts as long as you keep sugar and caffeine out of your daily routine.  Once you bring back in the sugar, it will feed the yeast, fungus or bugs that it’s feeding again and it will want more.  Keep it going! 


 Q. If I had to continue just one part of the Newport Beach Cleanse as part of my daily eating habits (e.g. avoiding animal protein, keep drinking the shakes, not eating dairy, etc.) what would be the most beneficial? 

 A. Having those daily shakes is key. It is a gentle liver detox and blood sugar stabilizer each time you have them. It also sets you up for a great day of food choices.  Staying away from inflammatory foods would be second on the list. Those includes bread, sugar, dairy and alcohol.  And as always, I recommend this as a general rule: More food from the farm and less from the factory! 

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