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Fall Renewal

A Newport Beach salon that feels like a trip to France, luxurious new face oils and a dreamy new anti-aging mask

Mason Pearson hairbrush

Slick Elixirs
Face oils have some of the shortest ingredient lists around. That’s because they’re highly concentrated and naturally lubricating so they don’t need waxy emollients to add moisture or emulsifiers to keep dissimilar ingredients, such as water and oil, from separating. Olìe Biologique packs a shelf’s worth of products into its petite TSA-friendly travel trio. The kit includes its new Balancing Face Oil for daytime moisturizing, Rejuvenating Face Oil for nighttime hydration and a calming elixir to soothe stressed-out skin. ($50 at Olie Biologique). The Nourisher is a rose face oil from Biossance, a company launched by a group of UC Berkeley scientists who set out to use biotechnology to put an end to malaria (they’ve since given away the cure they developed to treat more than 120 million people worldwide). Moving on to skin care, they created a plant-based form of squalane, a version of our body’s naturally occurring moisturizing molecule squalene.  (Much of the squalane you find in other skin-care products is harvested from shark’s liver.) Also in the mix, an oil-soluble vitamin C that’s a powerhouse in delivering antioxidant benefits. $72 at :: biossance.com

Slumber Pretty
“I need my beauty sleep,” you’ve been known to say as you turn down a second (or third) martini and dash for the door. Stay true to your excuse by slathering on the Sleep It Off Mask from Clarity Rx. Formulated as a progressive 21-day regimen, the anti-aging treatment uses blue-green algae extract as a gentle alternative to retinol. You’ll get the same restorative skin turnover without the harsh side effects (though you might experience some mild redness and dryness). After three weeks, you’ll be waking up to skin that looks brighter and smoother. Sweet dreams! $120 :: clarityclinicalskincare.com

An Elevated Salon Experience
Heather Hart loved having her hair and makeup done but hated spending hours in a salon where the music was loud, the coffee tepid, the Wi-Fi unreliable and the quarters cramped. Inspired by the opulent salons of Paris, where Hart and her husband – part-owners of the California Pizza Kitchen chain – have a second home, the Lido Beach resident set out to offer that level of refinement and service in Orange County. The result is the 5-month-old Lavender Salon & Boutique at the Castaway Commons in Newport Beach. Here, coffee is served in Hermes cups, monitors mounted in the ceiling above the cushy Japanese shampoo chairs stream cityscapes, and every chair in the color-processing room has its own Apple TV (headsets provided). The Lavender Salon, which is named for the flowers Hart always picks up before she steps into her Paris flat, also carries dozens of beauty lines that Hart has hand-curated from her travels. Here she shares her top five picks:

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector; $30: “I love that you can dot this on without looking in the mirror, whether you’re in the car or on a plane.  Just a few pats around the eye area and you instantly look wide awake.”

RMS Living Luminizer; $38: “This highlighter, from an all-organic makeup line, gives you that radiant, young, glowy look. Dab it on your cheekbones, in the center of your eyelid or on your forehead with your fingertips. It can go right on top of your makeup.”

Kevyn Aucoin, The Expert Lip Color, in Roserin; $35: “This rosy plum lipstick is not too pigmented, not too sparkly, not too anything. It works with all skin tones and with whatever you’re wearing.”

Serge Lutens, La fille de Berlin; $90: “You can find this perfume line in every pharmacy in Paris. This scent is a fresh floral with a little bit of spice. It doesn’t smell like every other perfume, and it’s subtle. I like to spray it on my skin, my hair, my clothes.”

Mason Pearson Hair Brush, Pocket Size; $105: “I got my first Mason Pearson hair brush when I was 15, and I’ve been loyal to the line ever since. The boar bristles are good for your scalp and make your hair shiny. I stash this pocket size in my favorite purses.” :: lavendernb.com

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