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Get Organized in the New Year

Basic Magazine Holder

It’s a new year, so get organized and make it count. Do you want more organization at the office? Do you tend to collect piles of clutter? I don’t know about you, but I need a neat and tidy desk area or I start to feel like I can’t get anything done. Make your space work for you by creating a pleasant and functional work area. Here are a few tips and stylish products to help get your office looking spiffy:

1. Box up must-keep documents: We have all experienced the dreadful piles of paper on our desk, which make for a disorderly look. These letter boxes, which come in a variety of colors, offer a stylish storage solution. Tip: Use each colored box for a different purpose or category. This will save you time in the long run.

2. Plan out your calendar in advance: Every year I like to write in all my appointments, to-dos and create a monthly plan of action. It keeps me focused and productive, which allows me to get so much more accomplished. A desk calendar or agenda planner book are both great for this. I like keeping plenty of notebooks handy as well for quick ideas and larger to-do lists.  

3. De-clutter your desktop: Using stackable letter trays is a great way to divide topics or create an in and out section for organized tasks. Function is key for priorities and keeping things at a reachable distance. If you collect too many magazines like me, consider using these magazine holders. They come in a variety of colors that you can then title by type for quick reference.

Remember to create office zones by activity for efficiency. Invest in adequate furniture and a comfortable chair. Add interest with color since color does affect your mood. Last but not least, make it personal to you.  

See Jane Work is your destination for office style and organization.

1. Vintage Blossoms Notebook Set
2. 2014 Botanical Desk Calendar
3. Basic Letter Boxes
4. Bow Push Pins
5. Work Basic Letter Trays
6. Correspondence Cards
7. Kate Spade Journal
8. Pencil Cups
9. Binder Clips
10. Eraser Set
11. Lucky Minimergency Kits
12. Basic Magazine Holder

Michele Hatch has been an interior designer for over eight years and has worked on both hospitality and residential projects locally and across the nation. She is the owner and principal designer of Stellar Interior Design here in Orange County.

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