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Pet Tech


Pamper your furry friends while simplifying your life with these pet gadgets:

Pet Door
Installing an ordinary pet door may lead to problems if your pet has trouble pushing through the door or a stray decides to pay an unwelcome visit. An electric pet door can help. The Power Pet Electronic Pet Door by High Tech Pet locks and can only be opened by a sensor on your pet’s collar. When the animal approaches the door, it automatically opens and allows him or her to enter. The door then closes immediately after the pet walks through. No animal without the sensor collar can enter through the door and it is burglar-proof. :: hitecpet.com

Dog Fence
All dogs need room to play out in the open air, but not all homes have proper fencing. The Humane Contain Electronic Dog Fence by High Tech Pet offers the protection of a fence without the look of one. The electric dog fence works by securing a barrier around your yard that keeps your dog in by a pulsed stimulus. The dog wears a small collar that syncs with the fence, allowing the fence to be effective. Humans and animals not wearing the collar can walk through the fence. :: hitecpet.com

Litter Box
Cat owners know the love kitties can bring, but they also know the stench that accompanies their litter boxes. It’s simple to buy one of many cat litter odor-killing products, but these solutions don't always completely fix the problem. Bionaire makes the Odor Grabber Litter Box, constructed with a built-in air purification system. The little box is electrically run to remove harmful litter dust, dander and fur that flows through the filter. And most importantly, it is whisper-quiet, so your cat can do its business in peace. :: bionaire.com

Cat Toys
Keeping your kitty entertained is important, even when you’re out of the house. FroliCat Twitch, an electric cat toy, makes sure to keep your furry companion happily busy. The Twitch goes on top of chairs, tables and other objects to swing feather or mouse toys at your cat. With its automatic play feature, it lets your cat know when it’s ready to play. The Twitch has a single 10-minute session or multiple play sessions to give your cat serious playtime. :: frolicat.com

GPS Tracking
For those who have pets that love to escape and roam around the neighborhood, GPS tracking is a smart way to go. Tagg GPS tracker is a small GPS device that attaches to most collars and allows you to keep track of your animal via computer or smartphone. The device sends e-mail alerts showing exactly where your pet is on an electronic map. You’ll never have to worry about the whereabouts of your pet again. :: tagg.com

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