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Traveling with Your BFF

Kevin Sullivan/The Orange County Register

Author John Steinbeck took his best friend on a trip across a 1960 American landscape in his classic Travels with Charley. The aforementioned title character was Steinbeck’s French poodle. Whether the work was entirely non-fiction is arguable, but no one seems to dispute that Steinbeck loved his dog and made the whole trip with his pal.  

For those of us who love animals, or would like to take a Steinbeck-like vacation with our pets, here’s a couple suggestions of where to go and perhaps what to avoid.

These trips are for the more adventurous and several are eco-tourist standards. From the gorillas of Congo to the bats of Texas, there’s much to observe and do.

The Travel Channel’s Samantha Brown offers a lot of tips on traveling with your pet. She writes about what you should consider before you travel, how to get your pet ready and various resources once you’ve made the decision.

And if you absolutely have to fly with your pet, be responsible and aware of the dangers. Yahoo! mentions a recent Department of Transportation report showing pet owners were often as much to blame for their pet’s demise as the airline with the worst record for pet deaths last year, Delta.

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