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The Magic of Pisces

WEB-EXCLUSIVE: Pisceans will be called on to lead in the near future... Find out what to expect from the planets in your sign for March.

As the planets move into Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune, we are dealing with an entirely different level of reality. In the first place, Pisces, Neptune and the 12th house all have the capacity to set their intentions, as well as affirm, visualize and manifest their goals, almost in the same breath. They do this using spiritual or transpersonal energy so most of us are unaware of what is happening. We would call it luck or magic. Pisceans know better but they don’t consider it their job to educate us, as they know we will open to these energies when our life gets difficult and we have no other option but to surrender. So what is in store for us this March?  
Pisces The Moon and Sun conjunct on a New Moon on March 4 and are joined in Pisces by Uranus, Mercury, Mars, and Chiron and in early April by Neptune. The New Moon forecasts what the Full Moon on March 19 in Virgo completes. The massive changes forecasted in February are now completing as the masses insist on democracy and spiritual solutions. The Full Moon heralds movement from domination to co-creation. At a personal level, you will be asked to assume leadership roles in all areas of your life. This includes teaching others to move from individual to collective energies.         
Aries Jupiter and Uranus are now both in Aries and this spells an exciting, optimistic and inventive year for you. We expect Aries to take on leadership roles and now is your time. You can expect lots of help from behind the scenes. Use journaling to tap your unconscious in making your decisions. We have moved into new uncharted territory. The rewards will probably be spiritual.
Taurus Have you ever heard of earthlings? It is about ways of connecting your energy to Earth. Many people use it for healing and claim really good results. Taurus, an earth sign, should be the master teacher. There are a number of ways of grounding yourself for maximum benefit. This is a good month for you to work with groups. Make yourself available. You ground people and make them feel safe.     
Gemini The nodes are moving into Sagittarius (North Node) and Gemini (South Node). While these are points in the zodiac, they seem to work like planets. The North Node in your natal chart represents your destiny in this incarnation and the South Note is what you brought in from past lives and already know how to do. So for Geminis, pay attention to what talents you were born with and activate them, especially in helping others. As you are a natural teacher, this is a good place to start.
Cancer This month will be very emotional for you. You process your experience through your emotions anyway, but this is even bigger. Cancers are always affected by the Moon and this month the New Moon on March 4 is in Pisces (an emotional water sign) and the Full Moon is on the 19th in Virgo. Chiron has moved into Pisces, so you will be called upon to do spiritual healings. This is because Chiron rules Virgo, which rules health. Since we are going through a period of massive change, many people’s ills will be emotional in origin. Teach them to meditate.
Leo Leo is a fire sign and with the majority of planets in Pisces, a water sign, we all know what water does to fire. So you will have to work not to lose energy from all the water around you. Remember to keep moving. All forms of athletics are favored, both as a participant and a spectator. This is also a good month to heal any financial transgressions. Be sure to collect debts people owe you.  
Virgo Your ruler, Chiron (the teacher/healer) has moved into Pisces, along with many other planets, so start preparing yourself to activate your teacher/healer parts. You will have everyone you know coming to you for help. My suggestion is to practice up on alternative healing. The new age will demand that people take responsibility for themselves. Look into ayurvedic and Chinese medicine as well as yoga and acupuncture.
Libra You more than any other sign know how to move into and out of oneness. You prefer partnerships as a way of life, but you also see how they serve in teaching you about your shadow. Most astrologers agree that we are moving into a whole new way of being. Saturn in Libra gives us confidence as we meet new challenges.  
Scorpio You were born with an understanding of power and powerlessness. It is probably one reason you seem to always end up the winner. You go where angels fear to tread and practically invented the idea of the shadow. This is your time to activate your fearlessness. Many people will be frightened of the new times, but you seem to enjoy what is new and different. So help those less fortunate. They need you.
Sagittarius You will be receiving the energy from the transiting North Node and squared by the New and Full Moons, so it is time to examine your life and see if you are living up to your potential and your promises. Of all the signs, you get the big picture. Maybe that is why your ruler, Jupiter, is the largest planet. It has moved into Aries, which is great for energy and self-motivation. Be prepared to accept some kind of leadership role.
Capricorn Pluto in Capricorn is being squared by Mercury and Jupiter as Mars makes an aspect this month, so watch your tongue. You could blurt out some pretty nasty things that would be hard to take back. Pluto is relentless and not too forgiving. Better to be safe than sorry. Another possible problem is in Pisces planets in your third house of neighbors and in-laws. So be careful there. It also rules short trips, so watch your driving.
Aquarius You finally are getting a rest after a very busy February. Hope you came out of it with only a bruise or two.  Aquarians also enjoy what is new and on the cutting edge, so you undoubtedly had a good time in spite of the scares. About the only problem this month could be money. Be sure and get your income taxes done in advance.

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