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12 Celeb Beauty Secrets from My Red Carpet 2013 Oscars Show

This year’s Oscars red carpet parade let nobody down. Glamour is back!

I’m the Newport Beach cosmetic surgeon who created Lunchtime Makeovers – soon to be a reality series. It was a real honor to be an invited beauty expert at this exclusive event, Celebrity Insiders: The Oscars. It was an amazing experience. I learned a lot more about style from the other beauty experts and it was great fun, too. 

There were five of us. They are the same famous stylists who are on TV fashion shows and look after the mega-celebs like Madonna, Beyonce, Mandy Moore, Robert Downey Jr., Channing Tatum, and many more.

This is how it worked: We all shared opinions about the celebrities who graced this year’s Oscars Red Carpet and more than 20 A-list red carpet stars received our special attention.

With so much excitement both on the red carpet and on our filming set at the fabulous Sofitel Los Angeles hotel, it was obvious who the real winners were and why they won us over. Then there were the celebs who left us wondering what they – and maybe their stylists – were thinking.

I was extremely impressed by the expert style opinions of our panel host, Daniel Musto, of NBC "Fashion Star" fame and who also has his own The Stylish YouTube show, "Style Sessions." Our other colorful celebrity stylist panelists were Damone Roberts, who works with Madonna, Beyonce, Robert Downey Jr., and many other stars; Willam Belli, actor-performer and lively beauty expert with his own show "Willam’s Beatdown," also on The Stylish premium YouTube channel; and Clare Mukherjee, famous LA style expert well-known for her fashion-related TV appearances and as a style writer in major magazines.

There was no shortage of opinions. Their comments and insights were as amazing as they were entertaining! I heard beauty secrets from the celebrity stylists who know all the inside scoop, up close and personal.

Here are our red carpet experts' winning celebrity picks for style and old Hollywood glamour from the Oscars – along with the not-so-winning picks...  

The winners: best actress Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron (amazing everything) and Jessica Chastain, who brought back memories of the glamorous Veronica Lake. These three stood out beyond all others for style and presentation, then Amy Adams and Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington and Octavia Spencer all got high marks for dress, hair and overall presentation, too.

The not-so-winning presentations, according to our panel: Anne Hathaway and her uncomfortable looking “prom dress” and Zoe Saldana with her belted gown that was otherwise charming, according to the panel. Our stylists also thought Melissa McCarthy’s cover-all was too much, but I thought it worked for her.

And what about cosmetic surgery on the red carpet?

There were those luminaries who clearly benefitted from surgical rejuvenation: Jane Fonda and Barbra Streisand – both well over 70 and still looking much younger than when I met Fonda and saw Streisand a couple of years back. Both appeared to benefit from subtle facelifts and likely fat transfer to cheeks for tasteful, facial rejuvenations. Jackie Weaver, who played Bradley Cooper’s mom in Silver Linings Playbook, appeared to have had a recent excellent facelift for a much fresher, younger look since the movie was produced last year.

It was a night of amazing beauty and glamour... and what did I learn from the celebrity experts? That overall personal style and being who you are and working with your strengths and less-than-strengths, still rule the day on the red carpet.  

Now, here are my 12 beauty tips to look your best on any red carpet in your life:

1) Non-surgical body tightening: Infrared Sauna burns up to 600 calories a session, hydrates your skin for a vacationed look after only 40 minutes. It also energizes and gives celebs the slimming, relaxed glow.

2) The natural skin look is in this year – no spray tans on the red carpet. Yes to skin moisturizing daily!

3) Professionally done makeup always gives you the edge over all others.

4) Botox and fillers (Juvederm) for lines and wrinkles as a refresher at least a week in advance of an event. It was big on the carpet this year. It can take five years off the face. Botox injections can also end sweating issues of underarms and palms for months.

5) Body wraps for immediate slimming a day prior to the red carpet can take inches off waist and hips. Or Viora Reaction treatments in our office works for cellulite and to slim the body in a few easy sessions.

6) Body slimming with our Zerona Laser two weeks before your big event can remove up to eight inches off hips, waist and thighs without any lipo surgery – and there’s no discomfort during the laser sessions.

7) Juice cleansing a week prior to any important event (lots of that on the carpet this year!) helps slim you down and gives your skin a natural, healthy glow in one week.

8) Eyelash extensions are in this year, along with eyebrow shaping and tinting, to frame the face.

9) Shiny, elegant hair is in. For this, try at-home or in-salon hair masks.

10) Lunchtime SmartLipo body contouring helps bring specific trouble areas, including heavy upper arms or neck, love handles and muffin tops, into balance. (Check out my YouTube channel.)

11) Don't over accessorize. Aim for subtle but classy. Many celebs wore little or no jewelry at all.

12) Avoid prom-like hair and dresses – a lesson for Hathaway.

Is there a message here for the rest of us from the 2013 Oscars red carpet? Yes! Be comfortable with who you are. Just accent your own uniqueness and your natural strengths and real beauty will show through loud and clear.

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