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Red Carpet Surgeon

Dr. Thomas Barnes answers: How do celebrities get that glow in time for the Oscars?

Why do celebrities always glow at the Oscars? What do they do in the days before the big event that makes them look so good? I know they have secrets!
– Curious in Laguna Beach

Dear Curious,
Here are a few beauty tips I recommend to many patients, starting with skin color toning, all the way to small lunchtime cosmetic procedures.

A simple spray tan can do wonders to give an athletic, toned look for men and women and it doesn’t subject you to harmful sun damage.

Another simple way to improve face and body skin is a moisturizing wrap following a great workout to help lymphatic drainage so the facial contours and eyelids appear crisp and not puffy on Oscar night.

A few days before a big event, an artistic injection of Juvederm or Expression can plump women’s lips or any fine lines or wrinkles of the lips or cheeks, and also hide unsightly acne marks or small scars. Even the backs of the hands can be rejuvenated.

If facial brown spots are an issue, a daily microdermabrasion can really help. For a Fotofacial treatment that peels off spots, you’ll need at least two weeks. Facial dermaplaning will reduce excess facial hair. A great cover-up is Oxygenetix, which also does an amazing job as a concealer and looks like great makeup, too.

Then there is Botox. So many celebs know this secret to smoothing forehead lines, crow’s feet, frown lines, and even the bunny line at the sides of the nose. It can take one to seven days-plus to take effect so it must be done a week before for full effects.

Increasing water intake a week before and decreasing all carb intake, and switching to salads, fruits and veggies can really clear the complexion and help tighten contours fast. Not eating after 7 p.m. and no excess salt or alcohol helps one firm up and appear even more youthful if begun a week before your walk down any red carpet.

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