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Who Is the Red Carpet Surgeon?

I’m Dr. Thomas Barnes, Newport Beach cosmetic surgeon for the last 18 years. At our practice, we love to help people reach their own personal aesthetic goals with both smaller procedures and larger ones, if needed. We offer surgical options and non-invasive possibilities, too. We tailor our rejuvenation programs to meet your needs, expectations and pocketbook. Much of our time is spent educating people about what’s real and what’s not, too, because there is so much hype out there today about magical devices that claim to get results that we know aren’t possible.  

In fact, teaching and educating you is a large part of my professional life as speaker, instructor of surgeons and professional writer. This blog is a great opportunity for me to share my many years of experience with all of you, to answer your personal questions and to highlight new breakthroughs in the beauty industry. I attend many cosmetic surgery events and aesthetic conferences and even beauty shows and do video news updates on new devices, procedures and products that can improve your lives, many of which are presently airing on my YouTube channel.

Clearly, I am passionate about my field. To that end, I created “Lunchtime Makeovers” aesthetic procedures years ago on the "Leeza" show. I was amazed at the response to that one-hour program where I showed millions of viewers eight different little procedures that could literally change people’s lives and be done awake in under an hour – things like neck lipo reshaping for a heavy neck, removing facial brown spots, wrinkle reduction, relieving the tired look with Botox, and treating broken capillaries of the face and chest with lasers were far more important issues than many of us realized in those days!  

When that show aired back in 1998, you couldn’t get a call into my office for weeks! Thousands of viewers responded favorably to what they saw on TV. I was amazed at the outpouring of interest in the small, minimal downtime procedures that are easy on the pocketbook and just as easy on the lifestyle and work schedule. But our patients said they got a BIG BOOST with them. I learned then that reaching for the knife would be the last resort for most people.  

Millions of us are intrigued far more by the lunchtime options than the big surgeries. That was a real lesson back then. I had done larger procedures like facelifts on CBS news and while we always heard from viewers, that response didn’t compare to my Lunchtime Makeovers show on "Leeza." In fact, I still have people call my office to book consultations from all over the world that remember seeing that show years back.
Since then, I have been featured on "The Today Show" with Matt Lauer, many times on "Good Day LA," "Extra," "Good Morning America," KABC news, KNBC news, KTLA, and many others. I have also been the featured doctor on popular live morning drive radio programs like "Jamie and Danny" on Star 98.7 FM. That was a fun show! And I answered hundreds of live calls from listeners – it was about educating, too.  

For me, it’s always been about educating and sharing information that can help improve people’s lives. And now, I am pleased to have this wonderful opportunity to create the Coast Red Carpet Surgeon blog.

And so what have I learned over the last 18 years? When we like what we see in the mirror, we feel better about ourselves and our lives. It is not vain, it is not frivolous – it is part of being human. For some, they want to be a part of it, for others, they just want to know all about it. This will be your special place where you can ask all the questions you want and get immediate answers. I will update you on new procedures and devices in the beauty business and in cosmetic surgery. We will cover the latest with celebs, too – what they do and how they do it – to maintain their stellar looks and reputations as stars. In fact, my next post will cover all the inside info on what the Oscars stars do to look so beautiful. Celeb beauty secrets… stay tuned.
Contact me with your questions and ideas for future blogs by commenting below and check out Lunchtime Makeover options at lunchtimemakeovers.com. We are located at 1441 Avocado Ave. Ste. 207, Newport Beach, California 92660. The office number is 949.719.9700.


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