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The new Rolls Royce convertible

All hail one of this summer's hottest luxury convertible

2017 Rolls-Royce Dawn
Few driving experiences rival the mix of effortless power and pillowy glide of a Rolls-Royce. Add open air to what the company calls its cars’ signature “wafting” and you’re talking automotive ecstasy. The Rolls-Royce Dawn is the second “drophead” (as the Brits say) in the expanding Roller lineup. Starting at around $340,000, the Dawn is slotted below the open-air Phantom
coupe – roughly $150,000 below, in case money is an object (chortle, chortle). It is based rather loosely on the Wraith coupe, reportedly borrowing only the hardtop’s rear-hinged coach doors and back bumper. According to Rolls-Royce, the Dawn’s thick cloth roof drops in a 22-second “silent ballet” of engineering excellence to reveal the expected array of opulent hides and woods. And oh, that woodwork: grains painstakingly book-matched throughout the car, creating nifty chevron patterns on every surface – including the expanse of decking behind the rear headrests and the slab that flows down the “waterfall” surface between the rear seats. Ballets … waterfalls … wafting … whatever. Clearly, the Dawn is one seriously over-the-top droptop. :: rolls-roycemotorcars.com

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