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Perfect Match

Laguna Hills-based Sayuki Custom Cosmetics blends makeup just for you.

When it comes to cosmetics, there are few things quite as personal as foundation. Not only does it cover your entire face, but it must match your color and suit your skin type – like a second layer, really.

Many of us don’t ever actually find that perfect match, rather we get as close as we can and call it a day. That was the unsatisfying realization Laguna Hills native Tracy Wells came to when she decided she was tired of not being able to really match her own skin tone, as well as that of the customers she served over the years at cosmetics counters.

“I had a customer that was so frustrated with trying to find her perfect match,” says Wells, who opened Sayuki Custom Cosmetics’ free-standing corporate store on June 15, 2012, in the Laguna Hills Mall. “I had taken her from counter to counter and we couldn’t find her color, coverage or finish that she wanted, so I finally thought to myself, ‘I wish I could scan her skin color and then have a machine make her custom color with the full coverage she wanted for combination skin.’”

And that’s exactly what Wells did – four years later. With the help of her business-savvy father, Larry Igarashi, Wells developed a machine that creates 100% custom-blended concealer, foundation and tinted moisturizer – including exact skin color and your coverage and finish of choice – dispensed in less than three minutes following a quick facial scan that measures the amount of red, yellow, black, and white in your skin. There was a lot of trial and error, but Wells finally created her dream machine.

“Our machine has medical-grade parts that are actually used in the human heart to pump blood,” she says. “It will never break down and it’s extremely accurate when it dispenses our pigments… We can truly match any skin color in the world.”

Make Your Makeup  
Visit the flagship Laguna Hills Mall store
or any of the beauty counters, including
the new location at Bloomingdale’s
Fashion Island, for a free consultation.
Explore the full line on the website.

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