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Skin Savers

WEB-EXCLUSIVE: Newport Beach's Skin Cancer and Reconstructive Surgery Center works to keep your skin healthy.

Eighty-one-year-old Tom Garvin, of Laguna Beach, was hesitant to undergo surgery for skin cancer found on his nose. Not because he was scared to go under the knife, but because of all the time that would be lost post-surgery. So Garvin sought treatment from the Skin Cancer and Reconstructive Surgery Center because of its non-invasive alternative to treating skin cancer.

“The SRT process was painless, convenient, took three weeks - five days a week, 10 minutes a day," says Garvin. "I am 81 years old and I swim every day. I did not want surgery to interrupt with my swimming schedule.”  

Newport Beach’s SCARS Center offers the noninvasive Superficial Radiotherapy Treatment (SRT), which can be a better alternative for some patients because of its low-energy radiotherapy technology that does not penetrate beyond the thickness of the skin, as opposed to surgical alternatives. In addition, SRT is painless and will not alter one’s aesthetics.

The SCARS Center is well known for its treatment of skin cancer in addition to its extensive medical research and unique treatments in the field of skin cancer therapy. SCARS Center offers both invasive and non-invasive treatments for skin cancer and is dedicated to education and research in finding new treatments and technologies in the prevention and removal of skin cancers. The center takes a multi-disciplinary approach, including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, dermatopathologists, radiation oncologists,
otolaryngologists, and anesthesiologists.

Medical Director Dr. Simon Madorsky hosts a monthly Skin Cancer Tumor Conference, which gathers respected physicians and surgeons from Orange County, in addition to patients; and, on the first Thursday of each month, surgeons and physicians gather in Newport Beach to discuss skin cancer patients in the community and share their work and findings.  

“Madorsky and his team were very attentive," says Garvin. "There was little waiting and they took me step by step on the SRT treatment, so there were no surprises. For anyone who is hesitant about surgery, SRT is an excellent alternative. No pain, no post-surgery problems; it gets the job done.”  

Skin Care Tips from SCARS Esthetician Cynthia Villa:

Too often overlooked, sunscreen is important on a daily basis. Villa says, “Most people do not wear sunscreen because they are not at the beach or outdoors, but what they do not realize is that through a window in an office or windows while driving, UVA/UVB rays can easily penetrate our skin and cause major damage. We at SCARS recommend using a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 every day – the higher the broad spectrum, the better. Also, do not forget to reapply."

Chemical Peels
Chemical peels are important for more than aesthetic reasons. The spots that sun rays leave on your face can potentially result in cancer, and chemical peels are a great way to combat this.

IS Clinical Serums
SCARS recommends a variety of IS Clinical products, which aim to use advanced research technology to deliver fast and long-term results. Products include a simple but efficient cream cleanser, which deeply cleans, moisturizes and soothes the face.  

In regards to makeup, SCARS recommends using Oxygenetix products. These products contain a myriad of vitamins that heal skin naturally and add moisturize, all while leaving your skin feeling fresh and breathable.

Exfoliate once to twice a week, including a face mask. Exfoliation can be done at home, but SCARS also offers an aggressive exfoliating peel, which is usually the first step in eliminating pre-cancerous cells.

Men also need to take care of their skin, and are highly encouraged to visit SCARS. Shaving your face daily can result in damage to your skin, and SCARS can help with a simple mask or detox. “SCARS is a professional and comfortable environment. It is not like a spa resort, it is less intimidating," says Villa.  

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