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The Art of Screws

WEB-EXCLUSIVE: Laguna Beach's Andrew Myers creates a new artistic experience with the help of screws.

Andrew Myers painting screws

The observation of art is in the eye of the beholder.

For contemporary artist Andrew Myers, his work and creativity comes from pure expression of thoughts, feelings and fleeting moments. Art is not about the creation itself, but the emotions exemplified through it.

Myers, who lives and works in Laguna Beach, is well known for his screw art, portraits made from thousands of screws that are each painted to reveal a three-dimensional image.

“I came up with the screw portraits five years ago when working on a project in the bas-relief method,” Myers says. “I started thinking of doing the same type of sculpture using another medium and over several months the process came to be.”

Myers blends modern objects with a classical technique in order to create a unique experience for the human eye.

“The screw pieces are special because they start off as a drawing at first,” Myers says. “They then become a sculpture with the use of the screws, and finally become a painting when the screws are painted.”
While Myers’ work with screws is truly surreal, he also uses oil paint, charcoal, bronze, and any other objects found that captivate his eye. Myers considerably thinks through each piece, resulting in a production rate of five to 10 pieces per year.

While the observation of art may be in the eye of the beholder, Myers is truly one of a kind.

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