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Artist Sharon Jackman's "Moonrise"

"Moonrise" - 20 inches tall by 11 inches wide, wheel-formed and altered porcelain, crystalline glazes

The artist: Sharon Jackman’s first career was in modern dance, which proved to be the perfect training for her next artistic medium, ceramics. “The physicality of the work has similarities to the dance. Throwing porcelain on the wheel demands strength, concentration and coordination. I use yoga breathing principles to produce the delicate yet strong pressure needed to pull the clay smoothly and evenly upwards. I like to think I ‘choreograph’ the clay so it directs the eye and the mind,” explains this award-winning ceramist, who lives in Laguna Niguel. Jackman’s work is exhibited at art shows throughout the region and is sold through galleries and gift shops nationwide.

In Jackman’s words: “Unusual natural forms always draw my attention, more so than people and human-made structures. Trees in particular are fascinating in the way their growth reflects forces of nature. The movement and the play of light and color on the ocean also captivates me. The ‘Cliff’s Edge’ series started as a relatively tiny tree carved at the top of a vase. This design resonated with people, so over time I have experimented with variations of the cypress tree on a variety of bowl and vase forms. The trees have grown much larger in proportion to the piece, allowing for more complexity and detail. With this newest piece, ‘Moonrise,’ I have added a moon behind the tree. There is a hill to the east behind my home studio, and I have often observed the moon rising between the trees there. The plan is to make this part of a series entitled ‘Sun, Moon, and Stars.’ ”

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