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Skeggings: The New Leggings

This union of a skirt and legging is a match made in heaven.

All Saints Raffi leggings, $55, available at Bloomingdale's, South Coast Plaza

The name “skegging” is unfortunate. But it’s the best possible amalgamation of words to describe my latest obsession. Simply put; it’s the union of a skirt and legging, all in one. Unlike its close relative, the jegging (the unholy matrimony between denim and leggings), the skegging is the work of pure genius.

They’re the fashion equivalent of “Brangelina,” an awful tabloid name given to celebrity super-couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Each of them is a celebrity in its own right, but together, they’re larger than life. Although skeggings are attached at the seams, not at the hip, their whole is greater than the sum of their parts, just like Brangelina.

Give me a pair of black leggings and I’ll show you 365 outfits. But the one unbreakable rule of wearing leggings is, appropriately, to only wear them with a long shirt. But not any more.

My skeggings have opened up a closet full of possibilities. I can now wear my skeggings with cropped, fitted and asymmetrical tops. Since skeggings have a micro skirt attached to the leggings, they eliminate indecent exposure, which means I can walk, bend and even twirl without wearing an extra layer to cover up.

I cringe whenever I see someone wearing leggings with a short top. Like men in tight Speedos, they’re a fashion train wreck. Some areas of the human anatomy should be left to the imagination and not exposed with tight Spandex – not outdoors, anyway.

Skeggings may have a ridiculous name but they offer an easy solution for all leggings aficionados. I’m not sure whether they’ll catch on. But just in case they’re not around next season, I’m stocking up. And if they become the best thing since sliced bread, then remember that you read about them here first.

Top Three Skeggings
Noho leggings are made of the softest lightweight jersey and they’re extra long, which means that if you’re petite like me, they’ll ruffle at the hem (which I love), and if you’re tall, they won’t fall below your calf. And the best part of all: the curved skirt-tail that’s longer at the back than at the front. They’re worth every penny of their expensive price tag, even though they’re dry clean only.
Noho leggings  ::  by Riller and Fount, $147, available at Revolve Clothing
::  revolveclothing.com

Foot Traffic silky-soft skeggings are perfect for cooler temperatures. They’re slightly thicker and opaque, but have an impressive 10% Spandex, which means that not only do they suck everything in, they won’t sag at the knees. The attached skirt is an inch longer than a micro skirt but perfect for those of you looking for a mini skirt. Although they’re also available in black, I loved their charcoal grey, which has the slimming properties of a dark color with a softer edge.
Foot Traffic skirted legging  ::  $36, available online at Foot Traffic
::  foottraffic.com

Raffi leggings by All Saints are the perfect pair of basic leggings. They’re comfortable and soft but with just the right amount of stretch to keep their shape. The hidden elastic waistband allows you to wear what you like on top. One of the most natural skeggings out there, they really look like you’ve gone to the trouble of layering. And for those skeptics, if All Saints has created skeggings, it means you can legitimately admit to wearing them.
All Saints Raffi leggings  ::  $55, available at Bloomingdale’s, South Coast Plaza
::  bloomingdales.com

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