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Tech Tools for Kids

Tech Tools for Kids

Energi+ Backpack

Gone are the days when all you needed for school were pencils and notebooks. A recent study by McGraw-Hill Education Research found that more than 80 percent of students use mobile technology to study. We’re talking smartphones, laptops and tablets. The Orange County Unified School District’s parent/pupil handbook states that cellphones should not be used in school buildings, which limits some tech use. Luckily, some of our favorite new devices are enhanced versions of long-used school supplies.

Google Docs
With Google Docs, students can improve their writing process because it tracks revision history and helps hold them accountable for their work. Teachers can also give ongoing feedback by checking students’ work.
:: docs.google.com

TYLT’s Energi+ Backpack
The Energi+ Backpack is a functional bag that not only keeps your belongings organized, it also fully charges your mobile devices. With 1,450 cubic inches of internal storage space, this backpack has the ability to charge up to three devices simultaneously with its 10,400mAh rechargeable battery. It has specialized compartments, including a trolley slot hidden in the backpack panel, a headphone carrying compartment on the backpack strap and a full length zipper pocket right on the front of the bag. ($169.99)
:: tylt.com/energy-backpack

Monster Powercard
Introducing the world’s thinnest rechargeable backup batteries ­— the Monster Powercard. For students who rely on their smartphones to keep notes and do research, keeping phones charged can be a challenge. The Monster Powercard is a universal rechargeable solution and can charge most iPhones, Androids and other smartphones. It easily fits into wallets and purses and comes in cool colors, too. What’s more, the lightweight, palm-sized Powercard is capable of charging a phone in up to a third of the time compared with a standard USB 2.0 charger. ($29.95)
:: monsterproducts.com/collections/portable/powercard

Dragon Dictation
Dragon Dictation, the easy-to-use voice recognition application helps you jot down ideas, write emails, text messages, tweets and write a whole report or blog post! Simply speak and see your text content, then post it in your notes or in an email or wherever you want to send it. You can download Dragon Dictation for iOS for free from the App Store. There is a Dragon Mobile Assistant for Androids as well.
:: dragonmobileapps.com

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