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Detoxify with the help of this popular tea.

Your Tea’s TinyTea Teatox has saturated social media outlets throughout the US, but many Southern Californians are still unsure of what a “teatox” really is.

Your Tea defines teatox as “the consecutive use of certain teas or tea combinations to perform ‘detoxing’ benefits within the body."

In addition to the Your Tea website, information and praise about the products are spread across social media sites, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr. After talking with the friendly staff at Your Tea, we learned it is an Australian-based company that uses the concepts of traditional Chinese medicine to create herbal blends intended to naturally heal ailments within the body. All of their products are overseen by company founder and ambassador Natalie Kringoudis, who is a doctor of Chinese medicine and acupuncturist, natural fertility educator and author.

TinyTea Teatox is just one of the most popular of Your Tea's herbal tea products. Others include: Fertility Tea, Her Tea, Man Tea, and Anti-C Tea.

TinyTea Teatox does not include laxatives, large amounts of caffeine or processed ingredients. What’s even more impressive is that the brand pays for little to no advertising or marketing in the US. Most of their popularity in the states has sprung from satisfied customers posting their results from drinking the tea on their own personal social media pages, tagging of course @yourtea or @tinyteatox. Your Tea takes pride in the response they have gotten, and thinks it is partially due to the fact that they post responses directly back to their customers.

To add to this impressive resume, Your Tea also stared an initiative called Charitea in December 2013. It involves the company picking two charities to donate a percentage from every website sale to each month.

The benefits that Your Tea promotes, confirmed by many social media posts, start with creating healthy digestion.

“Our TinyTea is specifically designed to support and nourish the digestive system which can be worn out after years of poor diet, sugars, emotions, other health ailments that deplete the body’s function. From a Chinese medicine perspective, the digestive system is [pivotal to] health. Once this is operating efficiently, other health benefits can follow, including increased energy, skin clarity, emotional stability, improved immunity, and a reduction in excess weight,” according to Your Tea.

They are confident that their product works for most, but they have a refund policy for those who do not feel the results were adequate for them. For TinyTea, the best results occur when the teatox is paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise. For those looking to get a better idea of what Your Tea considers a healthy diet, their website has a meal plan and recipes that are designed to promote healthy digestion and reduce inflammation.

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