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Terminal Comfort

For next time you're at the airport…

Zipcars make touring the Southland easier than ever.

Love Me Anyway
Before former Coast Contributing Editor Tiffany Hawk was a writer, she was a flight attendant: It was the best way she could think of to see the world for cheap before she discovered travel writing. Her current gig as an author, Air Force wife and mom has her fully grounded, but at one point, her flighty aspirations were the inspiration for her debut novel, Love Me Anyway, a fictional tale about two young flight attendants growing up in the somewhat friendly skies. Newly divorced Emily is trying to gather life experiences while filling up her passport, and soon falls for an older, married, father of two. Free spirit KC is searching for the father who abandoned her when she was a child. As they travel around the country and world, they discover the turbulence of love, family and friendship and what happens when you live everywhere and nowhere. Hawk’s novel delivers an intimate look at what happens behind the scenes to those who have chosen to spend their lives mostly in the air. Love Me Anyway is available on Amazon for $15 for a hardcover or $11 for the Kindle edition that you don’t have to turn off during takeoffs and landings.
:: amazon.com

Trusted Travelers
John Wayne Airport is one of the latest airports in the country to offer the Transportation Security Administration’s Pre-Check program. Though some won’t like the TSA having more personal info about them, the new – and totally optional – program is designed to expedite the security screening process at airports for those deemed low-risk passengers. At Checkpoint A, those who qualify for Pre-Check are likely, but not guaranteed, to pass through the security screening without having to remove shoes, belts and outerwear. Their laptops can remain in their cases and their liquids can stay put in their carry-on bag. The TSA Pre-Check is available to U.S. citizens flying within the country and who are members of Alaska, American, Delta, United, or US Airways’ frequent flier programs or the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Trusted Traveler Program or active duty U.S. military. Canadians traveling within the U.S. are also eligible if they are members of NEXUS. Screening is also modified for kids younger than 12 and adults older than 75.
:: dhs.gov

There are better ways to use a major flight delay or layover than getting drunk in the airport lounge. Zipcar is one of them. For frequent travelers who have to make a meeting, want to do a bit of sightseeing or would like to get dinner in town, being able to get a car for a few hours is a nice option. The membership rental car company has expanded to eight more airports, including LAX. Other cities include Barcelona, Boston, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, and Washington, D.C. Members can reserve a car, swipe their membership card over the window receiver at the lot and drive off. Gas and insurance are included. Memberships begin at $60 a year with a $25 application fee. Then drive however much you like for $9 an hour or $73 a day. Prepaid monthly plans are $50 with no annual fee.
:: zipcar.com

Fly Me to Mars
It’s a bold and optimistic view of where travel will lead us in Oxford Academy ninth-grader Nicholas K.’s illustration. He won the grades 7-12 division of the 23rd annual John Wayne Airport Student Art Contest, open to all public-, private- and home-schooled kids in the county. The winners were on exhibit at the Thomas F. Riley Terminal earlier this year and have been submitted to the International Aviation Art Contest. The Airport Arts Program presents museum-quality exhibitions in the terminal that include photography, painting, illustration, sculpture, and various other art forms.
:: ocair.com

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