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Elegant Accoutrements Worthy of the Legendary Cuban Cigar

The Cognac Classic Bent Pipe from Davidof

American tourists are flocking to Cuba since the thaw in relations between our countries, and they are returning with what was once considered the country’s ultimate souvenir. With the difficult part of acquiring Cuba’s most forbidden export over, these cigar accoutrements will have you exhaling with delight.

Mammoth Man
The XIKAR X13 Fossil Mammoth Ivory Cutter is made with 10,000-year-old mammoth tusk. No two are alike, and each contains a pattern of color from the surrounding soil, ice, or plant life to which it was formed. These cigar cutters are priced at $449, and each comes individually numbered with an elegant gift box.
XIKAR, 866.676.7380 :: xikar.com

Precious Cargo
Your cigars should be traveling in the same luxury as you. The XIKAR Cigar Locker is crushproof and comes with an airtight compartment that keeps up to 10 cigars at perfect humidity and temperature. With plenty of room for a cutter, lighter and other accessories, this will be the first thing you unpack upon arrival. $65.
XIKAR, 866.676.7380 :: xikar.com

Robust flame
Made in France, the Défi Extreme Lighter from S.T. Dupont is the ultimate high-performance lighter. Its powerful blue flame stays strong in extreme weather and high altitudes, making it possible to enjoy your cigar in any environment. $280.
S.T. Dupont Paris :: st-dupont.com

Havana Cruising
The Casa Cubana Tete A Tete Ashtray from Elie Bleu will have you transported to the streets of Havana with the flick of the wrist. Its vibrant colors and gorgeous illustrations on seven types of wood invoke a laid-back luxury that can only be felt with a cigar in hand and the top down. About $700.
Elie Bleu :: boutiqueeliebleu.com

Domino Gathering
As one of Cuba’s most popular national pastimes, the game of dominoes can be seen being played all across the island. And with the Tarnished Alligator Leather Domino Set from Burberry, there’s no better way to celebrate the ultimate in Cuban leisure. Serve rum, share stories and make memories with your best buddies over this lavish Cuban throwback. $3,995.
Burberry :: us.burberry.com

The Modern Unwind
Lounging in the perfect armchair has always enhanced the taste of a good cigar, and the RA 1:15 Smoker’s Armchair from El Purista provides the modern version of that. With drawers built into the armrests to hold all essentials, this chair let’s you kick up your feet and luxuriate like the contemporary cigar aficionado that you are. Price available upon request. El Purista :: elpurista.de/

Different Kind of Puff
For those moments when just a bit of fine tobacco is enough to satiate your mood, the Cognac Classic Bent Pipe from Davidoff is the perfect cigar alternative. Made in Italy from briarwood root, this pipe has a deeply rounded bowl, rich color and a bent stem for comfortable clenching. Price available upon request.
Davidoff :: davidoff.com

Unicorn Sighting
Classic cars of 1950s Americana can be seen all over the streets of Cuba like a living museum. And for both Americans and Cubans alike, the 1959 Corvette Billiards Table from Hammacher Schlemmer honors this nostalgic era of automobiles. At $25,000, this pool table also comes equipped with working headlights and four full-size whitewall tires. Hammacher Schlemmer, 800.321.1484 :: hammacher.com

Humidor of the Future
Exceptional design and classic details come together in this limited edition cigar humidor from Colibri. Named after the mysterious sources of light and energy from the farthest galaxies of the universe, the Quasar offers a self-regulating humidification system in a unique three-dimensional design. $1,995.
Colibri, 212.308.2441 :: colibri.com

Cave Heaven
The Man Cave from the Humidor Store is the cigar connoisseur’s dream version of a walk-in closet. Customized to fit any room, its interior is constructed of Spanish cedar and has dimmable LED lighting in the ceiling and all shelves. Price available upon request. Humidor Store, 800-HUMIDOR :: humidorstore.com

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