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Functional Style

WEB-EXCLUSIVE: Orange County-based Twistband makes comfort stylish.

The Perfect Little Dish

As the warm weather signals the start of a new season, the "it" accessory you won't want to be without fits neatly in your back pocket: Twistband.  

"Women today lead such active lifestyles from career, family, fitness, and social commitments that the ponytail is the most functional style," says Jessica Frandson, founder and CEO of Twistband and 20-year Corona del Mar resident. "In this case, fashion follows function."   

Though Frandson launched her line in 2009, the original idea came to her in 2008 after she had her baby and realized the best hairstyle for a new mom is a ponytail. Since traditional bands were uncomfortable to sleep in and damaged her hair by causing breakage, Frandson set out to find a solution.  

"Twistbands are made from a soft and stretchy material that won't leave a dent or damage hair," says Frandson. "Twistband is a modern take on the once-beloved scrunchie from the '80s."  

The inside of the scrunchie was a flat piece of traditional elastic, but Frandson soon realized that you do not need the outer, puffy fabric to get the same benefits.  Twistbands are made from a soft blend of nylon and Spandex that holds hair in place yet is gentle on hair.

They are also available in different colors, patterns and fabrics, but the most popular collection to-date is the solid Angela hair tie set, which is a black, tan and white.   

"It's like everyone's favorite little black dress," says Frandson.   

From the start, Frandson knew her idea would take flight. She completed a beta test early on through small home parties and sold out in the first hour of her Twistband Sip and Giggle party.

"Twistbands can also be customized for special events and worn as an awareness bracelet band," says Frandson.

Her company has created custom bands for Oakley, Hurley, Quiksilver, Luna Bar, and nonprofits like No Kid Hungry and John Wayne Foundation, just to name a few.   

"The number of impressions a Twistband gets per day, per person, is hundreds versus a pen that gets tossed in a drawer," says Frandson.  

Besides the hair ties, Twistbands also come in the form of headbands and shoelaces. The company also recently launched the Perfect Little Dish to hold customers' Twistband collection at home on their vanity and the Jelly Clutch.
There is also a Twistband Club where members receive the products at their door for $10 per month, similar to a wine of the month club. Each box contains a mixture of Twistband products. Members always get hair ties but sometimes their box may include headbands, shoelaces and fun new products such as Twistbands with gold baubles like studs, arrows, skulls, hearts, anchors, and peace signs.

Twistband is also launching a Gold Hairpin collection based on the Gold Bauble Collection slated to launch in May, and recently launched Twistband Skinnies, which have all the same benefits of the original hair tie and headbands but are half the width at 1/4 inch. Frandson said these Skinnies are great for braids and fine hair.

"We knew our product would translate perfectly because a Twistband is an accessible luxury item that connects women of all ages, fits all hair types and styles," says Frandson. "The product is lightweight, easy to ship and makes a perfect gift."   

Twistband is sold in retail stores nationwide, from Neiman Marcus and Kitson to YogaWorks and Sport Chalet.

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