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Up Country

Waterplace Park

So you really want to give your pet a unique look, but you think jackets and dresses are a bit much. Up Country, a Rhode Island-based pet accessory company, offers a nice compromise.

Its lines of trendy and fun collars, leads, beds, toys, treats, and more are apt to satisfy any and every one of your furry friends’ needs. Their 2013 catalogue features over 20 design collections to fit every canine and feline personality, ranging from American Picnic styles to Regatta or even West Village-themed accessories. There’s even a Celebrations collection featuring every holiday imaginable as well as a wedding neckwear line made from soft fabrics and flower trims to dress up your very own Doggy of the Bride.

Every product comes in several different sizes and widths to assure any given design will fit your pet comfortably, no matter how big or small he or she may be. Over the past four years, Up Country has also been making an effort to give back to the community by donating a collar and lead set to every dog adopted from the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, totaling hundreds of collars and leads for newly adopted pups each year.

In addition to giving back locally, Up Country works to give back to the environment with its Green Market line of eco-friendly collars and leads made from renewable bamboo. These collars can also be personalized with embroidery, including your pet's name and phone number. Up Country also recently launched a new hand-painted collection of solid wood home accessories ranging from pet frames, leash holders, treat boxes, and more.

All products are available exclusively at upcountryinc.com.

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